Spider Veins: part I -- symptoms & causes

I just found out that I have skin with fragile capillaries, when I noticed spider veins appearing on it  ! 
I wish I had known sooner, I would have avoided a lot of stuff that makes it worse, like scrubs.
It's technically called Teleangiectasis: Fragile capillaries that are broken or prone to breaking. It looks like red spots or spider veins.
(FYI: capillaries are the tiny veins under the skin.)
My skin was always pinkish, no matter what I did, and after being in warm temperatures I looked like a beetroot.

Skin with Telangiectasias problems should be treated as very sensitive, because over time the blood vessels may dilate more, and may even break.

Your skin is prone to broken capillaries if:

  • You can see little veins visible under the surface, especially on the cheeks, around the nostrils and on the chin.
  • You blush easily under stress or emotions
  • Your face goes pink or red after hot drinks or alcohol
  • You get flushed because of temperature changes
   If you can actually see broken capillaries on your face, so not despair, there are remedies.

What causes it ? 
Some of the causes are hormonal disturbances, menopause, problems with the digestive system, for eg the liver (that's me), sensitive skin, high blood pressure, exposure to extreme temperatures, too much tanning.

Photo: on this wayward floating body by jude

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