Spider veins: part III -- the do's


  • Use very gentle cosmetics: hypo-allergenic ones and those meant for sensitive skin 
  • Face packs of red clay for oily skin & pink clay (mixture of red and white) for dry skin face masks are meant for sensitive skin as well as spider veins. Both are tightening, and the red one prevents breaking of blood vessels. Mix with mineral water or a favourite (fre from alcohol denat) toner, you can also add a bit of olive oil. Do not allow the mask to dry completely, moisten it from time to time, or it may irritate the skin and make it sensitive to the sun. Don't use more often than one a week.
  • Algae face mask calms skin with dilated capillaries.
  • Peeling with BHA acids such as the aspirin face mask.
  • Look for products meant for sensitive or hypoallergenic skin. These are usually free from alcohol, perfume, SLS and other irritants.


  • Vit C -- gently repairs blood capilleries, and helps them to regenerate. 
  • Vit K -- speeds up the healing of broken capillaries, regulates the process of blood clotting
  • Witch Hazel (hamamelis) gently tightens, and is anti-inflammatory, soothes skin with spider veins.
  • Ginko bibloa makes the capillary walls more elastic, and improves blood circulation.
  • Vit PP repairs capillaries, removes spiders.
  • Calcium is another ingredient that strenghtens capillaries.
  • Arnica extract & chesnut tree extract strenghtens & helps repair capillaries, aid blood circulation, prevent swellings, decreases redness
  • Rutin lessens the fragility of capillaries. Is used orally as well as topically.
  • Wild myrtl flower extract tightens capillaries, prevents breaking
PS.  Vit C, calcium, rutin, chesnut extract and arnica extract should not be taken all the time, since they can interfere with other treatments. More on this later !


  • Vit C in food or as supplement. Helps capillaries to regenerate.
  • Vit B2
  • Omega-3 rich food, or supplements: 1-2 tbs per day.
  • Zinc helps tissue repair. Not more than 50 mg daily.
                                                                           More on those here.


  • Raw food has shown to help clear up spider veins ! *read this*


  • Flat shoes (for spider veins on legs)
  • In a beauty salon, it is best to cleanse the skin with ultrasound, since the skin doesn't have to be heated up.
  • Feet up for at lest 30 mins every day (for spider veins on legs)
Photo: Tranquility by eyecatcher

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