Makeup can destabilize Sunscreen and lower its SPF

Can you apply makeup over sunscreen ?

   Ideally not, since applying anything rubs of the protective sunscreen layer.
However, if you must, foundation should be gently patted on with fingers or sponge, and powder should be patted on with a brush. Avoid rubbing !

But Sunscreen makes my face look greasy !

   Try cornstarch or potato starch. It is one of the best mattifiers ever.

Can makeup destabilise your sunscreen ?

   Yes. This means that certain ingredients in the sunscreen may undergo a chemical reaction with ingredients in makeup. This renders the sunscreen ineffective, and may release harmful chemicals into your skin.

 If your sunscreen contains Parsol 1789 (Avobenzone, Buthyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, 
  • octyl methoxycinnamate (popular UVB filter in foundations),
  • talcum
  • mica
  • zinc oxide
  • titanium dioxide
  • some CI colorants

Suggested loose powders: Dr Hauschka´s body powder, NuSkin loose powder, Cetrange body powders. Also, pigments that are "encapsulated" do not destabilise parsol (such as the mineral foundation Glissade by Aromaleigh), since they will not interact with sunscreen ingredients.

    Or you can skip chemical sunscreen altogether and choose a mineral sunscreen.

  Whatever you do, remember that touching the sunscreen after applying it on the face rubs it off and decreases protection, so pat it on gently, absolutely no rubbing allowed !

Photo: another view by raysto

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