Bra myths busted

There are lots of myths and legends in circulations about bras. Let's take a look at them:

  • Myth: If I get a professional bra-fitting, I'll get a bra that fits me.
80% of women who went for a professional fitting got fitted with the wrong size. This is because most stores sell a tiny range of sizes, and the salesperson's final goal is to sell you a bra. So, they'll convince you that some size that they have in stock is right for you. So, what should you do ? There do exist a few real bra fitters with a conscience, but you can be your own bra fitter ! Read: How to measure your correct bra size and Does this bra fit ? How can I tell ?
note: I just read an interview with's spokeswoman. An expert on bra fitting herself, she went on a mission "incognito" to some normal stores and asked for a bra fitting. She was shocked by the unprofessionalism and lack of knowledge of the saleswomen, one of whom adviced her to wear a 34(75)B when she actually wears 32(70D) or 30(65)DD !

  • Myth: Bra cups have fixed sizes -- A cup is small, B is bigger, and so on.
The truth is that the cup size changes in proportion to the band. So, a 60C, 70C and 80C will have very different cups !

  • Myth: The band should be comfortably loose
The truth is that the since the band is supposed to do 90% of the supporting work, it should be tight. The right size band is the tightest size that you can wear comfortably. Only a tight band can stay in one place without riding up, and can give the best support.

  • Myth: Cups come in A,B,C and D. Band sizes range from 70 till 85.
Cups range from AAA till K, and band sizes 60(28) till 130 (British sizes) ! Good bra companies offer even 90 sizes in each bra model !

  • Myth: Beautiful and sexy bras can never be comfortable
If you are wearing the right size, the bra should always be comfortable, no matter how frilly and delicate it is ! If your bra is uncomfortable, it's probably the wrong size, or an incompatible model.

  • Myth: The most common size is 75B
The truth is that this is the size that most women (or rather their breasts) are forced into. Most stores carry a couple of sizes, so the women figure out that they must fit in those, when in fact they usually don't.

  • Myth: Bras for big breasts must be huge like tents, in order to provide proper support.
Many breast-friendly companies like Panache and Freya make gorgeous bras, with sizes going up to (British) J's and K's, and not necessarily in full-cup styles: there are balconettes, plunges... You don't have to wear a beige bra in a "contraceptive model" (instantly turns off every man), when there are so many beautiful designs to choose from ! Do read my short guide to buying bras online.
Also check out it has a big selection of gorgeous bras up to HH cups, and afordable prices.

  • Myth: The bra straps support the breasts
The bra straps are meant to do only 10% of the supporting. Most support should be given by the band.

  • Myth: Big breasts can not wear strapless bras
As I explained above, it is the band and not the straps that support the breasts. So, with the right fitting bra, even quite big breasts can wear strapless bras (unless your breasts are really very very big.)

  • Myth: red imprints on the skin from the band mean that it is too tight.
Socks, panties, etc also leave marks and yet are not tight. So, imprints do not means that you need to get a looser band. The band is too tight only if you experience real discomfort.

  • Myth: If you have small breasts, you need to wear push-up bras to look good.
Push-up bras are actually not very good for breasts, as they squash and knead the breast tissue, hence they should be reserved only for special occasions. A soft bra in the right size will lift up and present your breasts in a way you've probably never expected, and you'll discover that you look much better in them than in a push-up ! I know it sounds improbably, but it's true ! Hundreds of girls on the lobby have cured themselves of push-ups and never want to look back.

  • Myth: if there is fat or flab around the bra strap, under the armpits or at the back, it means that the bra band is too tight. 
Actually it means that the cups are too small. They squash the breasts, and over time the fat tissue migrates to other areas, and in extreme cases even to the back ! After getting a bigger cup size, you need to gather in all that fat into the bra cups, and ofter some months the fat tissue will migrate back into the breasts.


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