How To Put On A Bra Correctly: Swooping And Scooping

     You've been putting on a bra for years, most probably wrong. And it's because of that you can't tell if your bra cups really fit you or not. Do you know that putting on a bra correctly can make a huge difference to the shape of your breasts and the size of the bra you should wear ? And it even eliminates armpit rolls!

Why it's important to put on your bra properly

Too often women don't realise that they are wearing too small cups because one-third of the breasts has escaped outside the cups.

When they try on bigger cups, these cups seem too big until the escaped parts of the breasts are gathered back in. This is shown on these photos by zawsze_zielona to prove to unbelievers how important it is to put on a bra properly.
  1. Here she put on the bra carelessly. It's wrinkled all over, and looks too big.
  2. Here she arranged her breasts in the bra, but didn't tighten the straps. The bra still looks too big.
  3. Here the bra is put on according to the rules. Perfect !

How to put on a bra:

This method is called "swooping and scooping" by the bra-fitting community.
  1. First, put on the band around your ribcage. How you do this is not important, most people fasten the hooks in the front and then rotate them to the back, while some are agile enough to fasten them at the back straight away.
  2. Bend forward. Put the straps over your shoulders. Ease your hanging breasts into the cups.
  3. With your palm, gather all the the breast and the tissue from under your arms into the cup. You might even need to gather from your back ! Most of us have tissue which has migrated away from the breasts to those areas, when the breasts were squashed by the wrong size bras.
    If after this step your breasts are spilling out of the cup, you are wearing the wrong size.
  4. Tighten the bra straps.

This video demonstrates scooping and swooping:

   Great, now you know how to put on a bra correctly! If you want more, find out how the breast tissue can migrate to the back and even to the sternum.

This is what a difference it can make. The top row show badly fitted bras, the bottom row shows correctly-fitting bras.



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