Monday, April 28, 2008

How To Put On A Bra Correctly: Swooping And Scooping

     You've been putting on a bra for years, most probably wrong. And it's because of that you can't tell if your bra cups really fit you or not. Do you know that putting on a bra correctly can make a huge difference to the shape of your breasts and the size of the bra you should wear ? And it even eliminates armpit rolls!

Why it's important to put on your bra properly

Too often women don't realise that they are wearing too small cups because one-third of the breasts has escaped outside the cups.

When they try on bigger cups, these cups seem too big until the escaped parts of the breasts are gathered back in. This is shown on these photos by zawsze_zielona to prove to unbelievers how important it is to put on a bra properly.
  1. Here she put on the bra carelessly. It's wrinkled all over, and looks too big.
  2. Here she arranged her breasts in the bra, but didn't tighten the straps. The bra still looks too big.
  3. Here the bra is put on according to the rules. Perfect !

How to put on a bra:

This method is called "swooping and scooping" by the bra-fitting community.
  1. First, put on the band around your ribcage. How you do this is not important, most people fasten the hooks in the front and then rotate them to the back, while some are agile enough to fasten them at the back straight away.
  2. Bend forward. Put the straps over your shoulders. Ease your hanging breasts into the cups.
  3. With your palm, gather all the the breast and the tissue from under your arms into the cup. You might even need to gather from your back ! Most of us have tissue which has migrated away from the breasts to those areas, when the breasts were squashed by the wrong size bras.
    If after this step your breasts are spilling out of the cup, you are wearing the wrong size.
  4. Tighten the bra straps.

This video demonstrates scooping and swooping:

   Great, now you know how to put on a bra correctly! If you want more, find out how the breast tissue can migrate to the back and even to the sternum.

This is what a difference it can make. The top row show badly fitted bras, the bottom row shows correctly-fitting bras.



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    1. This was quite interesting. Thanks for the post.

    2. It was interesting. Can you have migrated tissue in front under the bra? And should migrated tissue easily add itself to the breast, when adjusting, or does that take the month?

    3. @panda_cupcake - I think that sometimes it can be in the front. And it takes a few weeks for that tissue to rejoin the breast. Gather everything into the cups, several times a day if you can. Be sure that the band is tight enough to keep the migrated tissue from escaping again.

    4. How to know if it is migrated breast tissue, or just other ribcage tissue?

    5. Get a bra of the correct size. Put it on, bed forward at the waist. With your palms, gather everything into the cup, from under the armpits, back, and wherever else there might be migrated breast tissue. When you stand up, probably your bra cups will suddenly be much fuller, possibly overflowing. If that is the case, it´s breast tissue !

      Also if you are generally skinny, any rolls around the bra are usually breast tissue. If you are plus sized, then you might have migrated breast tissue and other ribcage tissue as well.

    6. I now wear a UK 28GG, that is what fits with the normal amount, but your
      calculator actually says 28HH, which I've never tried on, not an H
      either. I don't think I would in general be called skinny, but ribcage,
      arms and waist might be. When doing what you describe, my cups do
      overflow, but I think they also change position, and the tissue places
      itself next to my breast in the cup, and means that the reagular amount
      of breast isn't so well supported. When you use the word rejoin, I
      suppose that means that this is indeed how it is before enough time has
      gone by.

      Maybe a bigger cup size would help.

      I don't have the possibility to try on a bra in a bigger size before
      buying, so I would love to get it right. With the ammount of overflow I
      get, it could be two cup sizes, I suppose it's possible. I've worn a
      completely wrong size all my bra life till this spring so maybe it's not
      so weird that it's so much. Still, it does sound a bit strange. I'm
      meassured tightly underbust 68 cm, and without a bra about 98 or 99 cm
      at the fullest point. With a bra on, the number seems to depend on the
      bra, and it doesn't seem to be reliable. The bra band, I know is right,
      to be supported I have to stay away from brands that run big in their
      28s, it seems. What you write seems to be quite an eyeopener, even if I
      thought I knew how to handle it. Especially this, I never did have any
      idea about before. So you might know better, do you have any advice?

    7. You´re right, the skinniness of the ribcage may not be necessarily related to the skinniness (or non) of the rest of the body !

      The migrated tissue kind of merges with the breasts after some weeks of wearing the correct size, and that means the breasts usually get slightly bigger, and often get a better shape.
      The calculator is not an oracle, but it´s usually pretty accurate, unless the breasts are very unfirm, hang a lot or have an unusual shape. I´d go with the HH, it sounds right from what you say. Changing two cup sizes isn´t that drastic, some women go through even bigger changes. And besides, the bra manta is: when in doubt, go with the bigger cup, and the tighter band. About the band, there is a little trick to keep it tight: Just do a running stitch along the elastic of the band. Don´t do the whole band, just a part on each side. The part that you will sew along will not be able to stretch. This keeps the band tight. Oh well, I am overdue for a tutorial about this...

    8. Thank you so much, this'll be very interesting to see how works. I think my boobs are normal for this kind of size, but no bralessness, or comparing to my neat smallboobed friends though.
      I never thought of that sewing that way, suddenly there are a lot more bras for me out there :D (well, some more, some less because of the size) I'd love to see a tutorial on it.

    9. I noticed :) Thank you.

    10. My breasts have gotten slightly bigger and shapelier with swoop an scoop. Thank you so much

    11. fantastic...this really helps!

    12. I have been scoooping and swooping since 2012 and I started with 32d now I wear 28ff or g. I dont have huge breasts they are average sized. My posture and appearance and general physical cariiage improved! Thank you again

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