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How to measure your bra size correctly

There is 90% chance that you're stuck in the Bra Matrix. Do you want to get out, and finally get a bra that fits and is comfortable ? Read on !

How to correctly measure your bra size:

note: use this chart to convert sizes to those of your country.

     Forget any measurements that you've got before, whether done by you or even by a "professional". Statistics say that around 80% of women get wrong sizes at a bra fitting ! This is because most manufactures have a very limited range of band and cup sizes, so of course they'll try their best to sell you whatever they have !

♥ How to measure yourself

    Let's start by measuring the band size.
    Exhale. Then measure tightly under your breasts.

    Now the cup size.
    Loosely measure yourself at the fullest point of the breasts, twice:
    once wearing a soft bra (not a push-up),
    then measure yourself without a bra.
    Choose the bigger result.

Input your measurements in centimeters in this calculator from The Sophisticated Pair (probably the most accurate bra size calculator that exist).

** Having issues with Java or looking for the old electronic bra size calculator?  Bonus: it gives the measurements in the sizes of different countries**
*** I have moved the measurement tables here: *link* they are a bit more advanced, but are great if you want to double check, need to know how this thing works, or whether you are bordering on another size. ***

For those who prefer visuals:

Also: watch this video to see how to find a well-fitting bra in the shop !

Ta daa !

    At this point you might get a shock. Here are the answers:

Shock no. 1: I've worn a 80C all these years, and now the table told me I need a 30FF ! F is a huuge cup, and my breasts are small !
It's explained in my previous post that the cup size is relative to the band size. There is no such thing as a "C cup" or "D cup";  You'll see that a 85 D is a huge cup, but a 60 D is actually quite small. A cup size is the difference between the under-bust and the bust measurement. That means that cup sizes change with the band sizes. It's explained here in a different way.
Besides, once gather into the cup the fat rolls that have migrated under your armpits & back, you might see that you actually fill that F cup very well !
   Do look for your new bra size on Bratabase or the Bra Band Project -- you might find the 30FF is not as big as you think.

Shock no. 2: I know I will hate tight bra bands ! They will be so uncomfortable !
  Take a look at your panties. They are narrower than your hips. Do they strangle you ?
  Most of the time the "too tight bra" feeling is caused by too small cups, not by a too tight band.
To test whether the band is too tight or not, try on a tight bra with the cups on your back and the fastening in the front. If the band feels ok, you know it's not too tight. Try bringing the cups to the front and putting them on.
   As long as the bra is not made of some cheap, chafing material, a snug bra band will be comfortable. Remember that in a well fitted bra the underwires will not poke you anymore, and the bra will not ride up at the back. Most new converts to the right bra size report that they hardly feel the bras on them !
In the beginning, you might try a bra extender if you need time to adjust to the tighter bands.

Shock no. 3: I've never even heard of such a strange size, let alone seen it ! 
       Most typical companies don't care much about our breasts, but about making money. Manufacture band sizes 70 to 85, and cups from A to D, convince customers that they must fit into them unless they are abnormal in some way. That is the reason that 90% of us are wearing the wrong size. However, there do exist companies that sell up to 90 sizes in each model. You can easily buy them in online stores, and on Ebay. See guide on buying bras online (includes links to online stores) and How to buy your first right-sized bra.


Q: Help, my measurements seem to be coming between two sizes... so, which one do I buy ?
A: Sometimes that happens. Besides, our bra measurements change a little according to our menstrual cycle. In case of doubt, it is better to err on the side of too small for the band (you can always use a bra extender), and on the side of too big for the cups. 

Q: I've got extra flesh around my armpits, and even on my back. How can I get rid of it ?
A: Squashed by ill-fitting bra cups, the fat tissue travel away from the breast to the area like under the armpit and even the back. Once you get a bra of the right size, while putting it on remember to use your palm to gather the escaped fat from the underarms or wherever back into the bra cup. After a couple of months, you'll most probably get rid of it.

Q: What is migration ?
A: This process of the fat moving back to the breast is known as migration. Someone suggested that it should be better called "coming back into the motherland after exile". lol !

Q: Is it true that my breast size will change after wearing the right bra size ?
A: Yes. Most girls reported that their cup size increased and their band size decreased within a few weeks to a couple of months after getting the right bra size. This is mainly due to migration (see above). So, don't buy too many bras in the beginning, your measurements might change soon !

Q: Ok, I've read it all, I know my correct size. What do I do now ?
A: Read How to buy your first right-sized bra. It will answer your questions about what, where and how to buy.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions !  For questions concerning bra size please do write your measurements, after measuring yourself according to the instructions above.

Want more info ?

♥ Read the original guide to choosing the right size.
♥ Video: how to choose a bra that fits, from Bravissimo.
♥ Bravissimo's step by step bra fitting guide

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  1. There is NO possible way that I should be wearing a 105E (40 in the USA). My breasts are tiny, I just have so much back fat that it messed up these measurements. The measurements under my breasts are 48 inches. There's no way that a 40 inch around bra will fit me. HELP!

  2. Hello ! with a 40 inch (122 cm) underbust measurement you should be wearing band size 115 (US 50). 122 minus 5 cm is 117 cm, and the nearest band size down is 115. And according to what you've said, I am guessing that your cup size should be B. Again, I'm guessing, so check it at this table: in the pink column on the left choose your band size 115(50), and then find your breast measurement in the same row.
    Wearing a bra in your new correct size will help you get rid of a lot of that back fat, just remember to massage it into your bust, gather it into those cups. The fat should migrate, and your breasts may grow a bit, and even go up one cup size !
    Hope that helped, feel free to ask anything here or you can even mail me

  3. I remeasured myself and the underbust was 46 inches (113 cm) and the bust measurement with a bra was 122 cm and without a bra 127 cm. So I should wear a 105E (rounding up like you said) or 105DD if I just go to the closest measurement, which is a 46D or DD in the USA. I went to a store today to try on the 40D that I measured yesterday and the underwire was digging in to the sides of my breasts today but the cups seemed the fit fine other than that. Does that mean I need a bigger cup? Bigger band size? What???

    PS: I also sent you an email but I figured that this might be helpful for others to read too.

  4. You measured yourself correctly, that's great ! What brand of bra did you try on in the store ? There are some brands (or models) which have quite narrow underwires, which only work for breasts which have a narrow base. So, I suggest you try a couple of models from different brands. Panache bras have quite wide underwires, and I wear those (but there are other brands too). If the underwires still don't feel right, try size 100 E (one band size down, and cup size up), that should give you a cup that has the same depth but is a bit wider at the base. Again, remember to try on a couple of different models before deciding. Oh, and do get a soft bra at first, padded bras are not a good choice for determining the bra size.

  5. Oops, I forgot to add another thing: how do the underwires lie ? They should end in the middle of the under-armpit area. If they do that, then maybe you have got escaped breast tissue in the area, and you need to gather it all into the cup with your hand. Or, try to put on the bra while bending over. But if the underwire doesn't go into the underarm area, but seems to end in the middle of the brasts, then try the suggestions from my previous comment.

  6. What size would you be in the US?? My size is very similar to yours -- 67 cm band and 84 cm cup. I am having a very difficult time find a bra that fits properly. In the US the band sizes start at 32, but the 32 band size is hard to find and has limited cup sizes. A 34 band size rides up my back, and from what I read that means it is too big around.

  7. @vsetter1 - A 34 band size is way to big for you ! You really do need a 30. And youĺl have to buy it in online stores.I believe I be 30 C in the US. Actually in Europe you cannot find band size 30 in normal stores either, that is why I buy my bras online from the UK.
    Wow, I checked and Ebay US has almost no band size 30... is a nice online store in the US. You can also check the other links in the post Buying bras online: a short guide, and see which of them ship to the US.
    Good, luck, and let me know if you need any more help !

  8. hi i usually wear a 80B bra size and the salesperson says that i will not be wrong. But the size of the bra makes my breast bulging out and the underwire poking into the side. And i followed the steps to measure my bandsize and is 73cm and my breast measurement is 98cm . i don believed that i can wear a 70 FF .because i know my breast is bigger then B but i didn't know i can fit a F. And i am located at singapore so it is not easy to get a bra this size. Can you help?

  9. @goong89 - Hello there ! Clearly you are wearing the wrong size !
    If I understood right, the measurement under your breasts is 73 cm ? If so, then you need a (30)65cm band size (my underbust measurement is 71 cm, and I wear 65). Then your cup size would be British GG.
    Remember that cup sizes are relative to band sizes. Because band size 65 is small, GG will not be as big as you might imagine it.

    I could not find any photos of (30)65GG, but for comparison take a look at these:
    65G girl has 69 cm under the breasts, and 98 cm in the breasts)
    65H: girl has 68 cm under the breasts, and 101 cm in the breasts)
    You see the girls have medium sized breasts.
    The GG cups will not be very much deeper, only wider.

    Can you buy from Ebay ? I have written a guide about buying cheaply from them. You an ask me before bidding for a model, and I will try to let you know if that model is ok (some models have too big / too small cups, etc.

  10. hi i measured myself again i have a under bust of 77 cm and bust size of 98 cm . so what bra size should i get?

    thanks for the help:)

  11. Hi, first of all let me say this is truly awesome. I'm trying to find my true size, and believe me living in France makes it harder, since high street brands carry 32-36 A-C(D if you are lucky) sizes.
    I just wanted to point out something regarding the international conversion, because it can be puzzling to french ladies: over here we do not use double letters (and that seems pretty logical to me!). So a UK DD is really a french E, and so on: (UK size=French size) DD=E; E=F; F=G; FF=H... So of course our cup sizes seem ridiculously bigger!

  12. I'm glad that you liked my post !
    the French sizes are another matter. I can't think why don't they make
    a unified sizing at least for all Europe, if not for the world ?
    Anyway, the electronic bra calculator does a neat job of showing your bra sizes for Europe, France, UK, US, and Australia

    You can try getting bras from British online stores or , just
    remember to look for British sizes ! I have written posts on buying
    bras from Ebay, as well as links to UK online stores. UK seems to be
    bra heaven... I am in Germany, and here they haven't heard of my size

  13. I wear 32 or 80 cms bra in india. Can you tell me what would be exact size of bra i should buy in UK.

  14. @Gaelle - Gaelle, I am so glad that you found your right size at last ! Thanks about sharing your story ! I imagine that 9 out of 10 women wear the wrong size. Probably your friends will first think that you are crazy, but later they will thank you on their knees

    @richa456 - Hello Richa, you have to tell me what are your measurements. Please measure yourself loosely in the fullest place of the bust: once with a bra and once without a bra, then use the bigger measurement. Then tightly measure yourself under the bust. Based on these measurements it is possible to find out the right bra size for you !

  15. I am not sure about the exact measurements.I have to do the measurements but the bra which I used in India it says 32/80 cms.. and i don't use any cups in it.

  16. I am going to sell bras, and I have used myself as a guinea pig. I have thought of myself for years as a 36DD. I am a small woman with big breasts. A 36DD is comfortable, but the panel never fell flat on my chest, and there was a small amount of spillage on the side. I could never find a decent bra: either it was too pointy, or gave no lift, and as I got older, lifting became quite a challenge.

    I did try your chart, and it says I should be a 30H. Well, if I wear a 34G, it fits snugly enough around without hurting me. If I put it on the tighest clasp, it hurts me, causing back and shoulder pain. So I don't think I can go a band size smaller.

    This is the strange part: there are parts of the cup that seem to pucker, making it seem too big, and yet I still spill a little out of the side. If anyone can address this issue, I would be happy to hear their opinion.

    Breasts come in all shapes in sizes. It's not just that they are big and small, but some are fuller. Some women also seem to have an easier time finding bras to fit, so although I appreciate your rules, which seem to be the norm now, even they are not written in stone.

  17. A too tight band shouldn't normally cause shoulder pain. Try putting just the band on with the cups on your back. If it feels ok, but too tight when you put on all of the bra, then it's the cups that are too small.

    The puckering of the cup that you described sounds like the cup is too small. Imagine putting a round orange into a narrow glass: the orange would not fit all the way in, and would leave the bottom of the glass empty: not because the glass is to big, but because it is too small. This image illustrates it:
    It could also be happening because of incompatible underwires. I don't know whether you have tried both narrow and broad underwires: Panache makes very broad ones, while Freya bras are quite narrow.
    Lastly, breasts that are not full at the top (teardrop shaped) fit half-cups better than full-cups.

    I hope that helped !

  18. Thanks for all the information you have on your site. I am currently trying to find my correct size bra, and it's really challenging. I've gone to several fitters who have put me in sizes ranging from a 32D, to a 32DDD/F (US sizes). I am currently wearing a Chantelle Rive Gauche Plunge in 32DDD (32E UK size), but I'm having trouble with the cup fit. I tried this same bra in a 32DD, and it seemed to fit well, except I had a little bulge in the right cup only that showed under my clothes; this bulge could not be remedied by loosening the strap on that side. So I moved up to a 32DDD, and now, I fill out the bottom portion of the cup completely, but it is a plunge bra, and I have a gap at the top where the strap meets the cup that I don't seem to fill out completely. This gap is somewhat minimized when I'm standing straight up, but if I hunch my shoulders forward, it becomes much more pronounced. Is this perhaps just the style of the bra, or does it sound like the cup might be too big? I also have kind of "sloped" boobs that are really full at the bottom and not so much at the top.

    I tried measuring myself for the electronic bra fitter and I think I'm sitting right on the border between two sizes. I consistently measure 73-74 cm around the ribcage, and my bust measurement seems most consistently right at 93 cm, but it can give or take 1 cm on any given measurement, so I range from about 92-94 cm. According to the fitter, it says I should be in a UK 30FF; is it really advisable for me to deduct 9 cm from the band? The 70(32) band that I'm currently in feels nice and sits low on my back. Also, I guess we call it "sister sizing" in the US, but wouldn't the sister size to a UK 32E be a UK 30F? It seems that going down one band size and going up two cup sizes would put me in a cup that is too big, especially since I'm still not sure whether or not the UK 32E is too big of a cup for me. I have no idea though, so any help you could provide would be most greatly appreciated.

  19. Hi there !

    Your boobs have a teardrop shape, just like mine. I also don´t fill up the top of full-cup bras (which by the way look best on round boobs). Go for balconette and half-cups, where the cups are cut low. If even in those there is a bit of empty space on the top, it´s ok. For sizing, the general rule is: when in doubt, go for the snugger band and the bigger cup. Snugger bands offer more support and keep the boobs immobile. Do you have problems with migrated breast tissue ? If you want to get rid of armpit rolls, I recommend the snugger band. Check how far you can pull the band away from the body in the 70(32). That should usually give you a hint whether you need to go down a band size.I´d advise you to take the 30 band when the model has a stretchable band, and 32 when the band is not stretchy. When you compare the bands of bras from different brands (and even different models of the same brand), you´ll notice quite a difference between the "give" the band elastic has. I also think that you need to go just one cup size up when you go down a band size. To be very accurate, theoretically you´d need to go 1,5 times a cup size... but practically that´s impossible, so some people round it up to two cup sizes. To sum it up, I´d advise you to try one model in size 30F, if only to compare between it and the 32. Chances are you´ll feel better supported. If not, there are always bra band extenders.I hope that helped !

  20. My tightest 32 bra, which is brand new, measures 68 cm unstretched. It stretches to a max length of about 90 cm. When I put it on, I can stretch it so that the band is 9 cm away from my body on the loosest hook. On the tightest hook, I can stretch it about 6.5 cm from my body. This one is the least stretchy of my new 32 bras. About how far should I be able to pull it?

    I do have some minor armpit rolls, but I guess this is to be expected because I was cramming my poor boobs into 34b bras for most of my life; that's what everyone always told me I should be wearing. I didn't even have the four boob effect... I had the six boob effect, because I was coming out the top and the bottom! I am trying to move some of that tissue back to the more flattering place where it belongs. Nobody likes armpit fat.

    The bra band extenders are a great idea; useful just in case I order a bra online that is a little less stretchy in the band. I think I might go ahead and order some 30 bands from brastop to try for size. What do you think of Curvy Kate bras? Are they pretty standard in sizing and band stretchiness? I want to make sure I'm not getting any brand that deviates too far from about standard, so I have a better idea of my true size. Thanks for all your help!

  21. I´d take a 30 band, since 9cm is rather loose, and if you say your other bras are even looser, you´re not getting much support. Besides, a snug band is really important to get rid of the armpit fat: once you gather it into the cups, the band will keep it from escaping again.

    Curvy Kate has some really very pretty bras. The underwires tend to be broad, like Panache. It seems that Criss Cross and Portia have a very tight band that loosens up a bit after a few washings. So I´d suggest getting a 30 and wearing it with the extender till that happens. The Emily seems to have a loose band. Princess is also loose and has small cupsthe material is also plastic-y and can be itchy. Portia is standard.If there is any particular model that I haven´t covered and you´re interested in, I can search for more details.Oh, wow, Curvy Kate bras are on sale at Brastop...

  22. Hi, I just wanted to give you an update, because I think I've finally made it out of the bra matrix! I ended up buying a Freya Frankie in 30F (US 30G) and it fits like a dream! So much support and a great silhouette, plus it's ridiculously cute! I've uploaded photos and measurements on bratabase (, which is a website that may be useful to your English-speaking readers. It's a database of bras, where users enter in a variety of measurements (from band length to cup depth), so you can see how different bras compare in size and dimension (good tool for shopping online). Plus, users can upload photos (similar to balkonetka), so you can see what the bra really looks like on real people. It also makes recommendations for bras that may fit you, based on your measurements and the dimensions of the bras you list as fitting you well. Thanks so much for your help and advice; I'm really happy with my new bra!

  23. I took a peek and it does fit like a dream ! Frey bras are just gorgeous, I´m so jealous ! I can´t wear most of them because i need broad underwires. Would you like to send me before and after pics for this blog ?

  24. Sure! Just let me know where you want me to send the before and afters and I'd be happy to! I tried to just send them to you in a message, but I don't have a xanga account, so it wouldn't let me.

  25. Thanks for agreeing !!!!
    You can mail them to me at the_eternal_voyageur (at) rediffmail (dot) com

  26. Thank you so much for writing this. I was one of the many who didn't understand how bra sizes really worked. It never really made sense to me to add 4-5", if I did that with my pants they'd fall off, but that's the way everyone did it... I finally know that I am NOT the 32a/b I get sized at all the time, I am a 28C.

    Sadly it's a rare size, but at least I know. Now I don't have to deal with them falling out of the bottom, my band riding up or my straps falling off!

  27. Cid
    it´s not as rare as you think, it´s just that most of the 28C girls are wearing 32a ! I recently wrote a post about finding such sizes without breaking the bank, hope that helps !

  28. Thanks for the amazing info! I have an issue with armpit rolls and backfat which i believe is due to wearing bras with smaller cups than it should have been for my entire life. Now i understand that in order for me to correct this, I'd need to get the right bra size and squeeze all these migrated fats back into the cup when wearing my bra.

    The problem is... When I first squeeze them, they'll fill the cups nicely. A couple of hours later, the fats seem to have 'returned' back to the pits and back from where they originally came from, leaving my cup not filled. Am i doing something wrong and missing something here? Or do ppl generally squeeze these fats back and re'adjust their bra every few hours?

  29. czap_angel
    first of all, make sure your band is snug. A loose band will allow all the tissue to slip out again. Second, you might want to try bras that are built up high in the area under the armpit. That means the underwire is long, and goes high towards the armpit, (without jabbing though). Like Tango Plunge by Panache:

    People usually do gather everything a few times a day, but with you it sounds like everything is escaping very quicky and has no time to re-integrate into the breasts.

  30. @eternalvoyageur - Thanks so much for your reply! You'd be surprise that even my mom couldn't teach me such things about bras lol. ~off to shop for new bras~ :)

  31. Hey, maybe you can teach your mom something about bras this time !

  32. Well... this is pretty amusing... I've always thought I had small breasts and never wear bras unless I'm at work or some other place where I should look respectable and even then I usually wear sportsbras since I hate underwire, it always poked me in the underarms, guess I always had too small cups. Home or just grocery shopping I won't be wearing one.

    And according to the calculator I should be wearing 38H or 40G (97cm under, 122ish across). Hahah. Bringing the armpit rolls I can see that they really are a lot bigger than I thought. Here I was thinking all women with large breasts had horrible backpain, and I'm walking around with that size and no bra or pain? I'm finding this really funny and odd, and I guess this means I'll have to stop thinking of myself as having small breasts.

  33. Hi! So glad to find this post.

    I accidentally posted in the wrong, older blog. So I copied and pasted these comments.

    I'm a 26D(?), which is next to impossible to find so I've been trying to look at Chinese places or Japanese or Singapore, but I can't read any of the languages! I have no friends that can help me because I can't find anyone with the same issues.

    When I translate it to cm, I am 65cm around the back and 78cm around the breasts. I'm 24 years old and am tired of having even professionals looking at me as if I don't know anything, but I clearly do, it's just that I'm tired of being treated this way! :( I have breasts, it's just I can't find the right bra to make it look like that I do! Also, I don't have big enough breasts to fill the smaller back, but bigger breasts type of brands. I'm like stuck in this in between that doesn't make any sense! I know I'm big enough to have a bra, but I'm definitely losing hope... Yes, I live in North America, which just makes it that much worse!

    Also... swimwear tops. Any advice on that? I've been keep getting handed size 6 and 4 tops and they never fit. What to do?

    I'm also tired of sales people measuring me wrong and then pressure saleing on me as if I'm the stupid one. :/ Do you know what size I am? The bra chart doesn't have my size. :(


  34. Also, forgot to say, some places are saying I'm a 30 band, which has never been the case because the cups for me were never close enough and then I felt flat because I had to wear below a 30 band... ?!?



  35. I should elaborate that I'm really narrow under my breasts which make the wires go out even in a 28 band... I don't know what to do anymore. :/


  36. Hanna:
    It´s all so relative: there will always be people in comparison with whom your breasts will feel small, while others will make you feel large-chested. Also, your breasts may look small / big depending on the rest of your figure (height, bone structure etc). So the same size may look small on one person and big on another.
    Either way, a good shape in a good bra is what counts most :-)

    You should get a 28D bra. The calculator does have your size:
    Try looking for bras at or or (there is an english language button on the top) or
    I wear 28DD myself, so I know that you can find nice and inexpensive bras in this size.
    For swimwear, you need to look on the same websites, for a 28D or a 30C bikini / taniki / swimsuit. If you buy swimwear in your bra size, you will get a nice shape and your bust will not look like it disappeared somewhere.

  37. I'm a bit confused by the results the electronic calculator is giving me. My underbust is 28" and my overbust is 34"-- shouldn't that be a 28F? The calculator tells me 30DD. To complicate the matter I've only tried one bra in either of these sizes (a 30DD) and it's barely comfortable (underwires dig in the front in some positions). So I'm inclined to go with the 30".... Clearly I need to make a trip to Europe to try on bras.

  38. Hey apolliana, the underwires digging in the front is not the fault of the size. You need to try a model with shorter underwires (lower cut in the front) or just bend them on a table, like I sometimes do.
    About the size, you are near the border. If you feel good in 28, then I would recommend it over 30. As for your cup size, you are also close to the border: if I subtract one centimeter from your overbust, the calculator gives me 30D. So keep in mind that if the bra has slightly bigger cups than standard, you might need to go down a cup size.
    Europe is a great place to visit, but till then you might want to try or Also ship to the US for cheap.

  39. Thanks! This band definitely doesn't feel uncomfortable other than in the underwires. It has a super-low center gore already, too. I'll try the bending.

    One other perk to wearing a better-size bra: you can wear (moderately) low-backed dresses without resorting to adhesive bras (or none at all)! All these years I thought I couldn't wear my fancy dresses, I was just wearing the wrong bra size!

  40. Hey, I really appreciate all your pieces of advice about bra fitting, but I have a question. I measured myself and my measures are 86 cm under the breasts when I exhale, and 90 cm when I do not exhale. Around the breasts, I measure 99 cm. What bra size do I need actually? My breasts are really small, I dropped a lot of weight and none of my bras fits me anymore, but they didn't fit that well before, either. The last bra I bought was a 85B (European measure), since this is the measure system used in my country,I believe the band size is ok, but the cup size...well, it is just not ok, I can't really tell if it is too big or too small.Can you please help me? (I'm from Romania, and you can't find any shop where you can get a proper fitting here).

  41. I'm not anonymous my name is Lisa

    This is the FIRST site I have found that even makes sense... I have used 12 different online bra size calculators and I have 13 different sizes!!! The 12 from the calculators and mine!! My problem is with augmented breast sizing!! I asked for a full D and somehow ended up with what I "THINK" is a 34G or higher... I tried on a Freya half cup in a 34G (Just to try the size) and I Loved the support and it was the first bra that ever sat flat... And the cups seemed to be the right size but I really wanted full coverage or plunge.. But when I tried the Freya full cover in a 34G the band felt great but there was pucker on both sides of the cups..(I am full on bottom and top) I also tried on the Le Mystere No 9 in 34H and 36H!! and all I can say is that they had to be mislabeled!! My band measurement is 33.5 inches and around the bust is 41 inches! Please help!!!

    Right now I'm wearing a 36DDD (US size) and I have to pull the band down constantly, the band doesn't even come close to laying flat and and they bulge a little on top..

  42. Georgia --
    For you I think that 80D would be the size you should try on. First try on the bra back to front (with the cups on your back). Then you can see how the band feels. Then try on the bra the right way --- please read the post about putting on a bra properly and gathering in the flesh from the armpits and back.

    What happens when you put on the bra that way ? If you have put on the bra the correct way, when you stand up the breasts should not spill out of the cups. Do read this:

    Now please try on the bras and let me know what is happening. If you feel the cup is not right, let me know what exactly is going on: is the fabric wrinkling or are there some empty places ? Where exactly ? Are the breasts spilling over ? Is the underwire not going all the way around ? Etc etc

  43. Lisa--
    Where exactly was the pucker ? If it was on the inner edge of the cup (diagonally from strap towards center) that it means that Freya bras arent ccompatible with your breasts. Try something with wider underwires. (I will write a post on the Freya pucker soon).

    The calculator gives the size 34FF, but of course that is only your starting point and not the final verdict. Yes, some bra models have cups that are smaller or bigger than standard (I have even a table of them on this blog).
    You need a band size 34, if the band is not lying flat means it is too loose. You could even try a 32 band, especially if you are trying Freyas -- their bands are usually looser than normal. Try on the band with the cups on your back, that is the best way to judge whether it is comfortably tight or too tight. If you are trying on a 32 band, remember to go up a cup size: try a 32G.
    When you try on bras, remember to gather everything in:
    If the breasts are bulging over the top of the bra, try on the next cup size.

  44. Hi There!
    I've used the calculator that you posted and it told me I was a 32DDD!! I've been wearing 36B for ages and other online calculators have given me all sorts of things. Even A cup sizes. I measure 31" under the bust and 37" around. I've been doing the gathering in my 36B bras but they're all padded or pushups and I think I need some real help now. Any ideas? You have some fantastic information here so thankyou!

  45. Hey, do order at least two 32DDD bras with a soft cup. Throw out your other bras. Gather in every day and watch your breasts recover. Side effects: your breasts will have a better shape under clothes and you will look slimmer.

  46. After I started gaining weight 2 years ago, the one thing I forgot to update were my bras, since they seemed to (ill) fit as usual (I used to be very small chested when I was skinny, and even after I gained weight, my bras still felt loose, thus my thinking that my chest probably didn't get a fair share of the 10 kg weight gain). After reading your blog, I straight away got myself measured, tried on a few bras at a departmental store, got some good advice from a kind sales person to discover that I'm actually a 32C instead of 34A. Even by putting on the bra I already feel slimmer and better about myself! Wish I'd found your blog earlier :) Thanks for all the awesome tips!

  47. Hi! I have been wearing B's and C's and simply a general cluster of bra's my various aunts, mum and older sister bought only to discover were too small for them- then they get push off to the runt. I'm the youngest girl in my family ( still in my adolescent years) Though I used I've recently started to search different bra converts. They all say different things! I have a 33.5 under bust and a 40.2 bust. So which US size would you say I am?
    Second Question is that my breast don't seem big to me. I've measured correctly using inches and cm. I've gotten some conversions that say I'm a 34G and la senza workers saying I'm a 32C. I have yet to find a bra that fits well. -.-
    Your site has helped lots and I enjoy reading the post on everything... although bra sizes brought me here. Thanks!
    btw. I'm still growing and I don't want to spend a lot on bra's that I wont use come a year. Know any cost efficient ones?thanks!

  48. I remeasured myself and the under bust was 45 inches (110 cm) and the bust measurement with a bra was 122 cm and without a bra 127 cm.
    Always i wear Barely There Bikinis.


  49. Hello! I used your calculator and I was really surprised by the results. I normally wear bras with the sizes EU 75D or EU 70D. I measured myself and I got 71 cm band and 92 cm over breast. The first calculator counted US 28H (EU 60I) and the second US 30G (EU 65H)! I have never seen such sizes in the shops, and also I am confused about the band, because I cannot imagine wearing 28H band when having 71 cm! What do you think about it? Thanks!

  50. I used the calculator and that thing is crazy! i wear a 32B and it seems to fit me well no spillage and the band doesn't ride up. I used the calculator just to see if maybe i don't need to go smaller in cup size. My got 27 inches band and 32.5 inches bust and it told me I fit a US 28DDD... What? There's no way I'm a DDD in any band size. I'm quite small. Can you please tell me what happened with the calculator? Thanks!

  51. Savannah, do try on a 28D, 28DD and 28DDD. A DDD in the band size 28 is way smaller than what you are imagining! Look at the girl in the see-though bra on the left:

    Don't forget to scoop everything from your armpits and back into the cups.

  52. Blueeelphant I'd suggest starting with a 65FF or G. Here is a girl wearing similar size, she doen't look very big, does she?
    Yes, in most countries you can't get such sizes, though sometimes you can get them in bigger cities. Here is a list: I really suggest looking online!

  53. Hello! I was just wondering. So I usually measured myself without a bra (cause I don't have soft bras that aren't ill-fitting), and what I do is, I bend over so that my back is parallel to the floor, then I measure loosely on the fullest part of my breasts.

    Is this okay, or is this another improper way to measure? Help!


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  103. Hmm, interesting. According to the bra matrix's calculator, I am a UK 34HH. Entering those same measurements in the calculator from A Sophisticated Pair, I am a 32JJ. When entering those measurements in *centimeters* on Sophisticated Pair, it then says that I'm a 32J.

    I'll trust the Bra Matrix but found these results very interesting.

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  105. Hello! I'm under chest 74cm and my bust 92cm so i wear 34dd.I can't find bras in my country so i must order them.I want to try Freya long line bra but im' not sure for what size to order.Maybe you can help me with your experience.I wear 34dd in Berlei and Wonderbra.Thank you

  106. also i forgot to say that by breast are rounded shape.

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  108. Hi Eternal Voyageur, I recently discovered your bra wisdom, and now I am not sure I am really the 34C I always thought I was. I used the bra calculator you recommended and also sameatschildren's method and I'm getting different sizes depending on the unit of measurement. I measured in centimeters and came up with 75 cm underbust and 93 cm bust. When I put these measurements into the calculator it gives me UK size 28 FF. However, I also tried converting into inches, which gave me approx. 29.5'' underbust and 36.6" bust, which using sam's method would leave me a UK 30F. When I put the measurements in inches into the calculator, I got UK 30F as well. Should I discount the inches version as inaccurate due to conversion (I used google's converter) and go with the 28FF? Or should I (cringing at the expenditure) order both sizes and see? Also, as I live in Italy and many bras here are sized in cm, 28FF=65H and 30F=70G...right? Thank you for your tireless work on behalf of all breast-having people! -Sofia