How to measure your bra size correctly

There is 90% chance that you're stuck in the Bra Matrix. Do you want to get out, and finally get a bra that fits and is comfortable ? Read on !

How to correctly measure your bra size:

note: use this chart to convert sizes to those of your country.

     Forget any measurements that you've got before, whether done by you or even by a "professional". Statistics say that around 80% of women get wrong sizes at a bra fitting ! This is because most manufactures have a very limited range of band and cup sizes, so of course they'll try their best to sell you whatever they have !

♥ How to measure yourself

    Let's start by measuring the band size.
    Exhale. Then measure tightly under your breasts.

    Now the cup size.
    Loosely measure yourself at the fullest point of the breasts, twice:
    once wearing a soft bra (not a push-up),
    then measure yourself without a bra.
    Choose the bigger result.

Input your measurements in this calculator from ABraThatFits (probably the most accurate bra size calculator that exist).

For those who prefer visuals:

Also: watch this video to see how to find a well-fitting bra in the shop !

Ta daa !

    At this point you might get a shock. Here are the answers:

Shock no. 1: I've worn a 80C all these years, and now the table told me I need a 30FF ! F is a huuge cup, and my breasts are small !
It's explained in my previous post that the cup size is relative to the band size. There is no such thing as a "C cup" or "D cup";  You'll see that a 85 D is a huge cup, but a 60 D is actually quite small. A cup size is the difference between the under-bust and the bust measurement. That means that cup sizes change with the band sizes. It's explained here in a different way.
Besides, once gather into the cup the fat rolls that have migrated under your armpits & back, you might see that you actually fill that F cup very well !
   Do look for your new bra size on Bratabase or the Bra Band Project -- you might find the 30FF is not as big as you think.

Shock no. 2: I know I will hate tight bra bands ! They will be so uncomfortable !
  Take a look at your panties. They are narrower than your hips. Do they strangle you ?
  Most of the time the "too tight bra" feeling is caused by too small cups, not by a too tight band.
To test whether the band is too tight or not, try on a tight bra with the cups on your back and the fastening in the front. If the band feels ok, you know it's not too tight. Try bringing the cups to the front and putting them on.
   As long as the bra is not made of some cheap, chafing material, a snug bra band will be comfortable. Remember that in a well fitted bra the underwires will not poke you anymore, and the bra will not ride up at the back. Most new converts to the right bra size report that they hardly feel the bras on them !
In the beginning, you might try a bra extender if you need time to adjust to the tighter bands.

Shock no. 3: I've never even heard of such a strange size, let alone seen it ! 
       Most typical companies don't care much about our breasts, but about making money. Manufacture band sizes 70 to 85, and cups from A to D, convince customers that they must fit into them unless they are abnormal in some way. That is the reason that 90% of us are wearing the wrong size. However, there do exist companies that sell up to 90 sizes in each model. You can easily buy them in online stores, and on Ebay. See guide on buying bras online (includes links to online stores) and How to buy your first right-sized bra.


Q: Help, my measurements seem to be coming between two sizes... so, which one do I buy ?
A: Sometimes that happens. Besides, our bra measurements change a little according to our menstrual cycle. In case of doubt, it is better to err on the side of too small for the band (you can always use a bra extender), and on the side of too big for the cups. 

Q: I've got extra flesh around my armpits, and even on my back. How can I get rid of it ?
A: Squashed by ill-fitting bra cups, the fat tissue travel away from the breast to the area like under the armpit and even the back. Once you get a bra of the right size, while putting it on remember to use your palm to gather the escaped fat from the underarms or wherever back into the bra cup. After a couple of months, you'll most probably get rid of it.

Q: What is migration ?
A: This process of the fat moving back to the breast is known as migration. Someone suggested that it should be better called "coming back into the motherland after exile". lol !

Q: Is it true that my breast size will change after wearing the right bra size ?
A: Yes. Most girls reported that their cup size increased and their band size decreased within a few weeks to a couple of months after getting the right bra size. This is mainly due to migration (see above). So, don't buy too many bras in the beginning, your measurements might change soon !

Q: Ok, I've read it all, I know my correct size. What do I do now ?
A: Read How to buy your first right-sized bra. It will answer your questions about what, where and how to buy.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions !  For questions concerning bra size please do write your measurements, after measuring yourself according to the instructions above.

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