Tricks We (And Some Fitters) Use To Pretend That A Bra Fits


  Sometimes we love the style or colour of a bra so much, that we consciously or subconsciously trick ourselves into believing that it fits, even if it really doesn't. Fitters also do some of these things either because they were trained improperly (a Victoria's Secret salesgirl told me her fitting training lasted for like 5 minutes) or because they simply don't carry your size but need to make a sale anyway. Once you are aware what these tricks are, you can avoid buying bras that are less than perfect and don't fit right.

    Here is how you or your fitter trick you into believing that a bra fits:

* You put the bra only on the "tips" of the breasts. That was at the first glance it is not clearly visible that the bra cups are too small. To avoid this, make sure that all of the breasts tissue is inside the bra (think of it as a hammock and not a lid). Also, bend down and scoop all of the tissue from the armpits into the cup.

* You think "my size is 75 c, this bra is 75 c, so it MUST fit right !". Cups and bands are often bigger or smaller than standard. The shape of the cups may be more or less compatible with the shape of your breasts. Lastly, you might have been wearing the wrong size in the past.

* You don't make sudden movements, subconsciously knowing that the bra would instantly ride up or slip down, and thus unmask the too big band size. When you try on a bra, rise your arms above your head. Then wave them around. The band should not budge, the breasts should not spill out of the top or bottom of the cup.

* You think "this cups are not too small, the bra is tiny and sexy and is supposed to barely cover the nipple". Um, I know that Victoria's Secret and other brands have been popularizing the "ooh, my breasts are so big they are spilling out of my cups" look, but believe me that is neither sexy nor good for the breasts. Down the road it leads to armpit rolls as well as loss of firmness and shape.

* You don't shorten the bra straps, because then the breast would instantly spill out of the cups. Do it, shorten the straps.

* You hunch over, so that spillage over the top of the cups is not visible. Stand straight, if anything spills, you are wearing the wrong size.

* You "forget" that you've been adjusting your bra 10 times in the past hour. A well-fitting bra does not need adjusting, period.

* You think that like pretty bras can never be comfortable, just like high heels. Not true! It's just a question of: a) finding your size and b) discovering that there are many brands that make bras in a big range of sizes that are pretty, comfortable and affordable.

    Once you realise you've been doing any of these, stop ! Read about the Bra Matrix, and measure yourself correctly. Trust me, you'll never need to adjust your bra again.

Photo by Anna Kharina

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