Bra wardrobe: How many bras do you need ?

How many bras do you need ?

   After discovering your correct bra size, most of us tentatively buy one bra in the new size. After discovering the comfort and admiring your fantastic shape in the mirror, we throw out all the nipple-coverers-masquerading-as-bras, (aka the old bra wardrobe). And we prepare to built up a great new on !

   So, how many bras do we actually need ?

   Many of us on a tight budget wear our single new right-sized bra each and every day and washed at night... till we can afford a second one... (many end up with obscene bra collection --- yes, the right sized bra is that addictive !)
   Normally the bra elastic needs some time to "relax" and so you should give it a day or two of rest between wears. Hence, you do need to have at least three bras.

Here is what I recommend that a girl should have:

  • Everyday bras: comfortable and pretty. These should be soft bras, never push-ups, padded, boost, etc. since those squash and do bad things to your bust, and you'll be wearing them a lot.
  • T-shirt bra: seamless, smoothing, preferably soft and not padded.
  • Plunge bra for deep necks
  • Cleavage enhancer for special occasion, something like Freya retro plunge or Panache Inferno. Note that these are made quite differently from traditional push-ups, so they five great cleavage without massacring the breast tissue.
  • Convertible bra or multiway, for those halter tops, low backs, and all that great summer stuff !
  • Sexy little items: something that makes you feel sensuous ! Some great picks include Freya Zeta, or Arabella, but if you're more daring, get a shelf bra by any means !

       Whether you need all of these, and how many of each do you need is determined by your wardrobe and life style.
       Bras may combine functions: a T-shirt bra may be an everyday bra.

       Ideally, you should have each of these at least in black and nude, to go under all colours of clothes. Under white clothes you need to wear nude bras, not white, since white does show up.

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