Ziploc is a gift from God: travel tip

Hello everyone !

   Every time I travel, I learn more about packing. It's hard to strike a balance between taking all you need, and trying to pack as lightly as possible.

Here is something I've learned from my last travel:

Ziploc is God

Apart from using ziploc bags for getting liquids and cosmetics through airport security, I find them a must-have for every trip. They keep stuff from getting messed up, separate and organise stuff, open and close in a jiffy, and they are transparent so you can see what's inside.

Uses of ziploc bags for traveling:

  • Put stuff inside them that might leak if it gets squashed: toothpaste, creams, foundation...
  • A ziploc bag is great for jewelery !  And another one for hairgrips, and other stuff for your mane.
  • In the airport put your passport, ticket, boarding pass and all those annoying little tags that they give you in one ziploc bag. It'll be easier to locate (and not lose) anything during customs and boarding.
  • You can put your lunch or snacks in a ziploc bag
  • Put your toothbrush and soap in ziploc bags (separately of course9 and they will not mess up the rest of your stuff.
  • Store your kid in it.
  • You can store your camera accessories
  • take photos during a dust storm
  • Apparently, you can even use them as cooking pots !
  • Baby food is best carried in a ziploc bag, whether it's a banana, crackers or a container of homemade lunch.
  • Protect your cellphone or any other electronic device that you carry on you from rain, sweat and tears.
  • Store any small projects that you might be taking with you, such as sewing small toys, making jewelery, origami...
  • Store your medicines in one place, and protect them from moisture
  • Don't forget to take a few extra ones for the random things you might pick up during your travels ! And giving a ziploc bag to a traveler in deed will make them grateful for life ;)

For sure this guy has no problems finding anything in his suitcase !

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