Style Tips For The Spring

 I staunchly ignore the "summer summer!" screams of the advertising industry which had tried to sell me spring stuff right after Christmas, and already sold Christmas stuff in September.

I want to live in the moment, enjoy and celebrate spring while it's here !

Celebrate the spring in your style:

  • Wear flowers. They can be real or fake, wear them in your hair, your hat, pin them on your dress. Or get flower jewelery, brooches or even a flower sandal ! Or simply pull a flower through a small hoop earring, like this.
Flowers in your hair: get inspired by thisthis, or this.
You can go elegant, or try the Mexican style a la Frida Kahlo, or simply wear a simple string of jasmine pinned in the Indian way.
  • Love the real blooms ones too ! I adore discovering the first bulbs awakening to the sun, and the extravagant splashes of colour everywhere in the late spring !
  • Get hat. These make you stand out from the crowd and look intriguing, they protect your face and hair from the sun, and are generally just lovely ! Read about choosing hats according to your facial type and body type here and here.

  • Get bright coloured shoes. Here are mine, a friend calls them "Peter Pan booties" :) And do read youlookfab's guide Four ways to wear bright shoes !

  • Scarves that flutter in the wind are gorgeous in the spring ! But be sure to wear them in the billow-in-the-wind kind of way, and not in the I'm-cold-in-winter type of way. Here you can download a great PDF Playtime with your scarf (the link in on the middle-right).

  • Smile ! It's spring !

   How do you celebrate the spring in your clothes ?

Photo: We are in Spring / Estamos en Primavera by victor_nuno    

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