Vitamin E

   You'll find vit E in a lot of cosmetics, since it is a great anti-oxidant, it helps to prevent skin aging, calms irritations, moisturises... and added to cosmetic it increases their life span !

    You can use Vit E on your skin straight from the capsule. Just remember that it's best to use Vit E in it's natural form: tocopheryl, rather than the synthetic version octan of tocopheryl - tocopherol acetate

Here is how you can get all that goodness directly from the capsule:

  • Apply it on chapped lips in the winter: it will calm the skin and help the healing process.
  • Gently pat it on the skin under the eyes. Just try not to get it into the eye, it may sting.
  • Apply it on irritated or overdried skin.
  • Dab directly on scars. Over time, the scars will begin to fade.

Photo: Writing Her a Poem by ArthurJo    

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