Oily scalp & dry hair, and other "combination hair" problems

 It's quite typical that our scalp and our hair have different problems from each other. Many people have an oily scalp and dry hair, or maybe dandruff on the scalp and oily hair. Here are some tips on how to deal with that:

  • Match your shampoo to your scalp type, and your conditioner to your hair type.

Yes, I don't believe in the 2-in-1 conditioning shampoos. The role of the shampoo and the conditioner are entirely different: the shampoo is suppose to dissolve dirt, and remove the coating of styling products. The role of the conditioner is to coat the hair with a nourishing substance, which should penetrate the hair and also cover it. So, as you can see that it's better to use separate shampoo and conditioner.

  • Use shampoo on your scalp, and conditioner on your ends.

It's our scalps that are greasy, dirty and dandruffy, and need the shampoo. For the rest of the hair, it's usually enough when the shampoo water flows over the rest of the hair when you rinse out your scalp.
The conditioner goes on the length of your hair, do not use it near the roots or you'll end up with limp hair and greasy scalp.

  • Brush out your hair

Twice a week, take time to brush your hair from scalp till roots many times (don't forget to first detangle it gently with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb). That massages the scalp and distributes the oil from the roots to the length of the hair. Over time, it will diminish the disbalance between an oily scalp and dry hair.
Use a good brush, and be gentle !

Photo by spinal faun    

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