Indian Beauty Secrets -- How to make your own Khol

Keep your eyes lowered...

    Kohl, also called Kajal or Surma has been used in India as well as other countries of the orient not just as a cosmetic, but for it´s medicinal properties. It cools the eyes, and protects them from the sun.
    As a cosmetic, it´s the smoothest and creamiest of all eyeliners. It blends beautifully into the skin, and gives a wet dewy look. It looks best around half an hour after application, when it has blended into the skin and looks smokey and slightly smudged.

How to Use Kohl

   You can use Kohl just like an eyeliner, to line the top or the bottom (or both) rim of the eye. It gives a soft, more smokey look than eyeliner pencils.
   When applied in the inner rim of the eye, it constricts the dilated blood vessels in the eyes, making the whites look brighter. You also get a pleasant cooling sensation.
   To prevent smudging, dust the area lightly with powder before lining your eyes with Kohl, and then dust again.


  Kajal or Kohl is available in pencil form, as powder or as a paste. Which one you prefer is really a matter of taste. Usually the pencils are easiest to use, because we are so used to pencil eyeliners. Powders and pastes usually come with an applicatory that looks like a little wand. If you use your finger to apply the powder/paste to the inner rim, be sure to wash your hands first !

The most important thing when buying Kajal /Kohl is not the form, but the quality. Many commercial Kohls contain lead sulfite (Galena), although originally Kohl was an all-natural cosmetic made of coal or soot. So, you should either buy Kohl from a good natural brand (I like Dr.Hauschka´s Kajal); or you can make your own. It´s extremely easy to do !


You will need: 
an almond (preferably organic)
A spoon
A lighter / matches

How to:

Simply burn the almond, and hold an inverted (concave side down) spoon above the flame. The soot should collect in the spoon !
I told you it was easy ! 

Photo by Eternal*Voyageur    

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