Types of Vitamin C In Skin Care


Viva Woman talks about different of Vitamin C, and what each does for the skin. Until now I hadn't a clue that there was more thank one kind of vitamin C, so this is a must-read for anyone wanting to know a bit more.

   I realised that the Vitamin C+E serum I blogged about uses ascorbic acid, which appears to be the kind that is best absorbed by the skin. Now I also know why the serum keeps only for a week, and that in a dark glass bottle in the fridge. You can also bu ready products if DIY-ing your cosmetics is not your cup of tea. As it turns out, many skincare lines (such as Arbonne) use vitamin c as a primary ingredient in their products.

  And don't forget to heed the warning about using sunscreen: Vit C is an acid, and acids peel off dead skin cells, which in turn reveals fresher skin, which in turn lets the UV rays penetrate deeper.... which may lead to ageing of the skin, discolourations, and other problems !

Photo by denis collette

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