Dry scalp masquerading as dandruff

In this post I talked about how what may look like dandruff may just be a very dry scalp.

How to treat a dry scalp:

Basically there are two things you have to do: stimulate the oil glands, and use gentle hair products.

How to stimulate the oil glands:

♥ Wash your hair with cool or cold water. Very warm of hot water strips the scalp of its oil, while cold water stimulates the oil glands. Read more

♥ For the same reason, use the hair dryer sparingly, and never on the hottest setting.

♥ Massage your scalp, you can use a bit of oil on your fingertips.

♥ Brush your scalp, this stimulates the oil glads, and loosens the flakes.

♥ Go upside-down for a few minutes every day. We spend a huge of our life upright, and our head is the last place the blood goes to.

Use the right products:

♥ Use a gentle shampoo for dry hair. Remember, you should match the shampoo to the scalp type (and the conditioner to the hair type.)

♥ Avoid shampoo with SLS and sodium. Both aggravate dry scalp.

♥ Do not use an anti-dandruff shampoo ! These are usually quite harsh, and will irritate a dry scalp.

♥ You can try using your conditioner as shampoo. This is really helpful to balance out all kinds of scalp problems. Read about it here.

♥ Try an oil treatment for your scalp. You can either do a deep conditioning treatment, or else massage a tiny bit of oil on your scalp either before bed (so that it has all night to sink in) or after a shampoo when you hair is still wet: this seals in the moisture, and prevent the scalp from drying out further. Read more on using oils and different kinds of oils.

   Hair washing for the dry scalp:

Massage a nice heavy oil half an hour before washing your hair. Brush your scalp to loosen the flakes. Wash hair with cool water, gently massaging the scalp. be sure to rinse the shampoo out of your hair really well. After towel drying, massage a tiny amount of a light hair oil into your scalp. Let your hair air dry.

Photo: Mechanical tide by kimrose 

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