Is it dandruff or is it something else ?


   Rebecca from The Space Between My Peers recently asked me about dandruff. So, I presenting a  series of post on this pesky hair problem !

    So, you have dandruff. Are you sure ?

What we often think is dandruff, can be:
  1. Dry scalp: the skin on the scalp is so dry that it flakes. *solutions here*
  2. Scratched-off sebum: sometimes our scalp gets oily, we start scratching off the sebum. This leads to bits of sebum in our hair, which looks like dandruff but isn't. The giveaway is that you don see flakes, just small rolls of sebum. This means that your scalp is too oily.
  3. Real dandruff: big flaky pieces of skin. You can also feel a waxy buildup on your scalp. Dandruff flakes are always oily. If they aren't read the first point again.
   In the next few days, I will discuss each of these problems and the solutions in detail !

                 Till then !

Photo by Matteo Foiadelli    

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