Indian beauty secrets: overview of different hair oils

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I have already written about the why and how of using oil for the hair. Basically you can use oils for a deep-conditioning treatment before a shampoo; or on freshly washed hair as a leave in that locks in moisture, adds shine and tames fly-aways.

Here is a bit about which oils to use, based upon my own experiments and the advice from the long hair community.

Note: I´ll be updating this page when I get fresh info !

Jojoba oil

Gives shine, detangles, and tames fly-aways. It´s very light, not greasy. The only downside is that it´s a bit pricier.

Shea butter

Can be used as a styling aid; especially on the ends and to tame fly-aways. It´s probably the least oily of all the oils. It gives body to hair, but can be a bit heavy when used on its own. Works best when used together with coconut oil (that helps to detangle) or Kukui.

Coconut oil

It´s a great detangler. It gets solid in cooler temperatures, so you might need to pour some warm water over the bottle to make it melt. Be careful though, coconut oil can create a too thick film over the hair which doesn´t let moisture in. Some people love this oil and swear by it, and for others it doesn't work at all -- you have to try it out and see how your hair likes it.

Almond oil

It´s usually too greasy for most people, although it does make the hair shiny. Can be used as a deep-conditioning treatment.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The most moisturising oil around. Inexpensive and readily available. Best used for deep conditioning, or just on the ends. For an extra boost, mix it with coconut oil.

Linen Oil

   Highly moisturising and nourishing, one of my favourites.

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