Clarify your hair to remove product build-up

   Clarifying is a simple hair treatment done once in a while to get rid of the build-up on your hair. Many ingredients in conditioners and styling products can be stubborn and not wash out with just a shampoo. For example certain silicones wash away easily, others cling to the hair shaft for dear life.

When to clarify ?

    This depends upon how much hair products do you use, and how heavy they are. If you use silicone-free products you don't need to clarify very often. Typically clarifying is recommended once or twice a month. I suggest clarifying when your hair starts to get heavy, it loses it's shine and looks dull, and you feel the buildup on your scalp, or when your scalp starts itching a lot or when you feel that your hair products are not working the way they used to.
   Clarifying your hair will leave it visibly softer and smoother.

How to clarify:

There are three methods:

♥ Clarify with vinegar

This method is the gentlest and not drying to your hair. Mix vinegar and water in a ratio 1:2. After shampooing and rinsing the hair, pour this mixture over hair. Leave on for 2 minutes, then wash out.

♥ Clarify with baking soda

Mix equal parts of your usual shampoo and baking soda. Work it into a lather, and leave it on forabout 2 minutes. Wash out. In case of heavy buildup, repeat. Follow with an acidic rinse (vinegar and water, black tea etc) to restore the pH level.

♥ Clarifying shampoo

    Most professional product lines and several over the counter ones have a clarifying shampoo. Apply some clarifying shampoo on your hair (scalp and lenght), massage it in for one minute. Leave it on for two minutes. rinse, repeat.

  After clarifying it's a good idea to condition your hair, since it's been stripped of all the extra build-up layers. If you've used baking soda or clarifying shampoo, your hair may be a bit dry.

   You might want to use a conditioner free from build-up causing silicones, or you may try hair oil.

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