Bohn combs from hairsense


    Some time ago I have blogged about *choosing the right comb for your hair*. Today I was excited to get my new combs !

    I had ordered a few bohn combs (for me and relatives) from Hairsense since they are recommended by the Long Hair Community, and I didn't have to break the bank to pay for them.

    The combs took 11 days to arrive, not bad for normal shipping from the US to Europe !
    I tore open the packet -- well I didn't exactly, because it was packed really well to withstand the long journey. As I didn't have any scissors on hand, it took me quite a while to get my paws on the content.

   The combs felt pleasantly heavy in the hand, and the material feels really nice: in a way softer and more organic than plastic. The colour is very nice, and as they age it's supposed to deepen to mahogany. You can clearly see that they are handmade, since the surface is a bit uneven in places: but as it is seamless, it doesn't shred the hair.

   I had chosen the Super Detangler Rake because it had the perfectly spaced teeth for detangling rather tangly medium-length hair. (I'd recommend one of the even more widely spaced ones for very long hair, and the finer-toothed combs or a brush for styling after detangling). Anyway, it was a bit bigger than I expected ! Now I know why it has been nicknamed "the viking oar". I do like the long handle: I find it easier to detangle hair when I can hold the comb properly.

I chose the Palm Pic because I needed something that I can slip into my bag when I'm about. Also, it's quite cheap (all those of you in the U.S. who want to give Bohn a try, can start with the little Palm Pic). Unlike the Super Detangler Rake with it's rounded teeth, the Palmpic has sharper teeth. I might file them to a rounder shape later on, but right now I am enjoying the scritching massage they give my scalp.

I also loved the label: "Preventing cruelty to hair" !

Here is a pic that shows the size of the combs from hairsense :

   I couldn't wait to try them out. They went smoothly through my hair (I could even hear the difference in the sound they made when running through the hair). There was absolutely no static either. Hooray for smooth hair !

    Ah, now we come to the prices of the bohn combs from Hairsense. The Palm Pic cost 6,50$ -- quite cheap, while the Super Detangler Rake set me back by 14,95$ -- a bit pricier, but totally worth it. As long as I don't break them, lose them or wet them too much, they should last a lifetime.
   And shipping: by air mail to Europe it cost 6.00$ for the first item and $1.00 for each additional comb. That's a decent price !

The bottom line:
Good value at a reasonable price. Also recommended as a present (Christmas or New Year, maybe ?)
Where to buy them:
hairsense.c or their Ebay store hairsense (hint: the latter is a bit cheaper ! Also, they accept Paypal)

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