Measure yourself for a bra: using tables


    The fastest way to the correct bra size is the electronic bra calculator (see box on this page). But sometimes you might want to double check your measurements, need to know how this thing works, or whether you are between sizes. Then you can use these tables.

Measure Yourself correctly:

    Please read this !!!!

    Exhale. Then measure tightly under your breasts.

    Measure yourself loosely at the fullest point of the breasts, twice:
    once wearing a soft bra (not a push-up),
    then measure yourself without a bra.
    Choose the bigger result.

Cm vs inches: 

Depending whether you´re imperial or metric, the method of calculation of the band will be different. Why is that ? US /UK band size 32 is 70 in EUR. I though that this is because 32 inches is the same as 70 cm... but it´s not ! 32" = 82 cm ! 
As Zoe from Belladonna Eyes explained it to me: In european sizing, the band size is the unstretched measurement, but in UK sizing it is the fully stretched measurement, thus there is no need to subtract any inches. "In european sizing you have to subtract 5cm in order for the band to be a snug fit, but in UK bra sizing, this has already been accounted for."

Calculate your band size

Metric system (centimeters): Substract 5 cm from your underbust measurement. Round down to the nearest standard band size.
Example: I measured myself and got 71 cm. I substracted 5 cm, and got 66. The standard size that is just below this number is EUR65 (UK30).
Why should you substract 5 cm ? Do you wear panties that are wider than your hips ? You don't, because they would fall off your butt. Most bra bands stretch up to 20 cm. A band looser than your chest measurement will ride up. To support the bust, the band must be appropriately tight.

Imperial system (inches): Round the underbust measurement down to the nearest band size.
Example: Underbust measurement is 31". Go for band size 30.
In this case you don't need to substract anything. This is because the cm and inch numbers on the bra band are not the same: for example in band 65(30), 65 cm is not the same as 30" (it is actually 32"). 

Calculate your cup size

    Find your band size on this table. Find your breast measurement in the same row. Then, you'll find your cup size in the top of the column !

Example: so my band size is 65. I find "65" in the pink column on the left. Then in the same row, I search for my breast measurement, which is 83. The closes I find is 84. So, I look to the top of the column and I get the cup D !

The table has British sizes, so you might want to use this chart to convert the size for your country. (if anyone knows of a better chart that includes a wider range of sizes, please let me know !)

    You can also try using this table, which has both US and UK sizes. It also has instructions and this image that shows how to use the table to look for alternative sizes, if you are not fully satisfied with the bra size you are trying on, or if you know that the bra you want is very tight/ loose or big/small cupped.

As always, I will be happy to answer any bra fitting questions that you might have !

Photo by Romain desailly

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