Table of non standard (large-cupped and small-cupped) bras


    Certain bra brands, and certain bra models within a brand (and sometimes even a bra model in just a certain colour) have cups that are either bigger or smaller than standard. This is especially frustrating when you buy online. The world still lacks standarised bra sizes,

   Venusian*Glow now proudly presents a table of large-cupped and small-cupped bras !
    Before buying a bra online, you can simply check if the bra model is listed in the table. If it is, then you will need to go up or down a cup size.
   The list is growing continually, I am adding entries all of the time !

   The page has two lists: one of small cupped bras, and one of big cupped bras. Apart from the cup size, there are useful details such as an unusually tight / stretchy band, very narrow or very broad underwires, and much much more ! The page also includes detailed instructions about adjusting the calculations of the bra size, if for example the bra you want to buy is big-cupped but has a very stretchy band !

   The information is based on the forums Lobby Biusciastych and Lobby Malobiusciastych, amazing goldmines of bra wisdom from hundreds of girls wearing correct bra sizes !

   The brands I have listed are all high quality, affordable, and most offer a very wide range of sizes. The list might be a bit Europe-centric, but on the other hand most of the world apart from the UK has quite a poor selection of sizes. On info about how to buy these bras online, read this.

   In my workshop: a table of narrow and broad underwire bras, as well as a list of models with very stretchy or very tight bands !

Photo by reidcrosby

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