Bra anatomy: What makes a bra model compatible with your breasts ?

     Why does one bra fit well, makes your bust look so good that you admire yourself in every mirror, and even feels so comfortable; while another bra in the same size and even the same brand is so completely wrong ? It's not just about band and cup size, ladies.

     Here are the elements that determine the fit of a bra, that you should watch for when buying:

  1. Bra style
  2. Tightness/stretchiness of the band
  3. Width of the underwires
  4. Shape of the underwires
  5. Cut of the cup
  6. Placement of straps
  7. Length of underwires and built of bra in the underarm area.

        This will be a series: I will be writing a post on each subject, with tips on helping you to find your perfect bra.
        Remember that breasts differ widely in shape, firmness/softness and placement, so each woman has to find out what suits her best.
        Although in the beginning this might look a bit complicated, very soon you will learn what your breasts need, and you will probably have  a favourite bra style or brand.
Also remember that first you need to find your right size. Most bra problems are because the band is to loose and the cups are too small.

Photo by Stéfan

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