Why You Should Eat Lest Salt

Why You Should Eat Lest Salt

    Most of us eat way more salt than is good for us. And we use the worst kind of salt there is. Today I want to tell you why do we crave salt, the different kinds of salts, and how can we cut down salt consumption to a healthy quantity !

How much sodium does the body need ?

    1 gram each day. 
That's half a tea spoon of salt.
We get 1 gram of Sodium already from the fruits and veggies that we eat, so we don't need any extra sodium from salt.
    There are many peoples from Eskimos to South American Indians which eat absolutely no salt, and are very healthy for it !

How much sodium is safe ?

    6 gms is the maximum Sodium that our kidneys can handle. Any more than that has a lot of harmful effects on us: bloating, kidney problems, calcium loss, wors PMS, high blood pressure, obesity...

How much sodium are we eating daily ?

    Americans: 3,5 gms, British: 10 gms daily, Polish: 15-20 gm !

Why do we crave salt, if it's unhealthy ?

   A craving for salt is usually lack of trace minerals. People and animals have a taste for salt so that they could lick it when they got a deficiency of trace minerals in the winter.
Unfortunately refined salt contains almost no trace minerals.

How do I get those trace minerals then ?

   Buy trace minerals from a healthfood store. The best ones are crystalline or ionic ones. The back of the label should list about 70 of them.

Food without salt ? Yuck !!!

   It takes only 48-72 hours to get out of the salt addiction. After that time, you will start noticing the saltiness of food that has very few salt.

What will happen if I eat less salt ?

   The effects of cutting down salt intake are very quick to see: within two weeks blood pressure falls, and up to 2 kilos weight goes off.

All salts are not equal: choose the best !

    The salt sold in most markets today should not even qualify as salt, it is a totally refined product in which all of the trace minerals from the sea have been removed. So when you do use salt, use a good one high quality unprocessed sea salt or mineral salt contains up to 50 trace minerals.

      Read *this* to find out how to choose salt, and stay tuned for my tips on cutting down your salt intake.

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