How to choose your first right-sized bra


     You have broken out of the Bra Matrix and found your correct bra size ! Now what ? Here are my tips for buying your first bras.


    Choose where you want to buy new bras, depending on where you are, how much you want to spend, and whether you have the options of online payment. Your options are:
  • Offline Stores: if you are so friggin lucky to actually have a store near you that sells a full size range, go there ! Only some brands carry a full range of sizes. To locate stores that sell those brands, Google for these brands or your size near your location.
  • Online Stores: order a couple of sizes, try them on in the comfort of your home, and send back the stuff that doesn't fit. *list of online stores here*
  • Ebay, especially Ebay UK: it's cheap, but only some sellers let you return the item if it does not fit ! *my guide to Ebaying for bras*


  • Find whether you need narrow or broad underwires. For a start try out Panache Tango II (notfloral and not plunge) which has broader underwires, and a standard Freya such as Polyanna or Rio which have narrow underwires.
  • Buy just two bras. Within two months of wearing a good bra, migrated breast tissue (that has been pushed out by badly fitting bras into the armpit and the back) will return to its proper place (the breasts). That means you will probably go up a cup size within a few weeks.
  • When in doubt, buy the bigger cup. Make space for migration !
  • If in doubt, take the tighter band. It will stretch in washing anyway, and besides you can get abra band extension.
  • Buy a soft underwired bra: Push-ups, and all padded bras are not good for determining your right size, since they force your breasts into their shape. Your mission right now is to discover the real shape and size of your breasts !
  • Recommended bra models for beginners: if you have issues with migration (armpit rolls etc), try something that comes up high at the armpit.
  • Forget your usual brad. H&M and Victoria´s secret don´t carry a full range of sizes and hence do not qualify as real bra brand. 
  • Buy a quality bra. Bras from brands like Marks & Spencer often disappoint, since they often do not provide much support, and stretch out very soon. Bras from good brands like Panache give amazing support and last for years. Quality doesn´t mean expensive.


  • Must read: How to put on a bra correctly. Until you gather ALL of the breast into the cup, you cannot determine your right size and fit !
  • Learn all the signs of a good and a bad fit: read Does this bra fit ? How can I tell ? The photos and videos will help you to understand it all !
  • Get each model in a couple of neighbouring sizes, try them all on and compare.
  • Wave your arms around, and see if the bra and the breasts stay in place !
  • If possible, wear the bra for an hour before you make up your mind.
  • Remember that though the bra size calculator is pretty accurate, only a real trial on of the bra can determine your right size !


  • The bra might feel a bit tight in the beginning, since you're not used to wearing a snug, supportive fit. However after one or two days of wearing it you should not feel it at all !
  • Remember to gather the whole breast into the cup each and every day, from under your armpits and even your back ! That will make the migrated breast tissue (that has been pushed out by badly fitting bras into the armpit and back region) to return to the breast.
  • After a couple of weeks, watch for signs of migration (see previous point). If you notice your breasts spilling out of the cups, it's time to go up a size !

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