Reader question: pushup bra sizes

 I always love to get mails from my readers, and it thrills me that I can help someone with bra-fitting ! Yesterday Cly wrote in with a question, and kindly let me post it and my answers on Venusian*Glow. She sent some photos too, which were a great help in writing the answer. (For obvious reasons I will not be putting them up here).
   Here is the mail, at least the most important parts:

    I tried to measure myself and found out that I probably should be in size 65D (UK). I was wearing 75B (International) for the past two years or so.
    The salesperson took the measurement and told me I should get 70C, but said it is still depends on the style and cutting of the bras that I would choose. In the end I bought the bra in 70B as the salesperson advised me to get 70B if I want to wear it without the removable paddings.

    Another bra is with lace and they gave me a 70D. The salesperson said that this model has a smaller cup so I need to get a cup size larger then I should get, but I should wear it with the removable padding for this size. I came back and tried on and realized that I do not like the removable pads at all and wondering if I could just wear it without.

    I am now totally confused. When someone shop for a push up bra, does the person get a bra in her normal bra size, or she needs to get a bigger cup size than normal bra?

For my case:
a) Salesperson said my size is 70C
b) Bra A is 70B because I mentioned that I would wear it without paddings.
c) Bra B is 70D because the salesperson thought I would wear it with paddings, and the cup size for this bra is smaller than normal.

Q1: I thought I should wear 70C for Bra A no matter I use the removable padding or not?

Q2: Since Bra B is having cup size smaller than normal bra, I should be Ok to wear the size 70D without the removable pad?


Hello Cly
    The salesperson is wrong, you would wear a 70C only if the bra model had an extremely tight band ! I would really advise you to get something in 65D. Feel free to ask me questions before you buy anything !
    I have to say that I cannot recommend wearing push-ups from the typical stores like H&M and the like, and especially not as an every-day bra. A low-quality push-up pushes the breast out of the cup because there is no space inside for it, since the cups are practically flat.
   For special occasions, go for good push-up models like Panache Inferno, Panache Masquarade, Panache Zara, Freya Retro, Gossard Superboost, etc. A good-quality padded bra envelopes the breasts, and its cut lightly gathers and lifts them, giving a killer cleavage.(these bras are however for those who have already found their own size, and own several soft bras, since they are a bit tricky).
    Although it can sound crazy, soft bras actually present the breasts much better than push-ups. And here is the proof:
Ok, now coming to your questions:
Usually when you buy a push-up, you buy it in your standard size.
Since you cannot get a refund, and they don't sell band size 65, here are my suggestions:
Bra A: I'd suggest wearing the small-cupped 70D without inserts, and stitching the band to make it tighter.
Bra B: I would exchange the 70B for a 70C, throw away the inserts, and stitch the band as well.
And: get a soft underwired 65D for everyday wear !

      Hope this helps,


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