Does not removing facial hair make you a cavewoman ?


Is it necessary to tweeze and pluck the whole face ? Is it ok not to ?
It all depends: which hair and where, how visible it is, and... your facial features and personal style. In my opinion, hair in certain places should be removed under punishment of beheading, while other can be left well enough alone. Read on to find which is which.

Please get a magnifying mirror and good lighting

Better yet, get two mirrors, to get those hard-to-see angles of your face. Scrutinise your face carefully, including the sides and the jawline. It's amazing how often people don't realise they have an unsightly hair growing from some part of their face.
If you are pregnant or around menopause, spend a little more time on this. You might not have noticed the additional fuzziness due to hormonal changes.


I'd actually advise you to get rid of your moustaches. It rarely looks good on anyone.

Unless you are Frida Kahlo, that is.

Hair growing out of birthmarks:

Evil. Makes people shriek and scream, then drop dead. Eliminate upon sighting.
Same for anything long on the chin.


Most ladies benefit from tidying up the eyebrows, since that opens up the eyes and gives a more groomed look.
By tidying I mean removing anything that's outside of the actual brow outline. Maybe some small changes. But most people shouldn't try too hard to change their eyebrow shape. There is no such thing as a perfect eyebrow shape, no matter what the magazines say. Angelina Jolie's eyebrows would look terrible on the Olsen twins, and that's that.

Over plucked brows are even worse than wild bushy ones.


Not everyone needs thin, delicate arches. Especially those with a strong or a chubby jawline.

And uni-brows can totally rock.

Sideburns & neck fuzz:

That's the hair on the sides of the cheeks, under the ears and around the jaw-line. Check using two mirrors if yours is noticeable. Women with a lot of dark hair everywhere usually have visible hair in these areas. If you do, you don't need to stress about removing it. I say it's absolutely optional, unless it's really prominent.
The hair on the temples ('connecting' the eyebrows with the hairline) falls into the same category.

Nose hair

Do check in the mirror, since very few people pay attention to their own nostrils. If the hair that actually grows out of their nostrils, just trim it with nail-cutting scissors.

Ear hair

I think this is a male thing. Begone !
Unless you are Yoda.

Coming up: review of Epistick, a magical hair-removal wand !

What are our thoughts on epilating facial hair ? Do you epilate your face ?

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