Magic Wand For Facial Hair Removal


   I have found a miracle gadget to remove unwanted fuzz from the face! This weird little tool should be in every ladies beauty toolbox. It's so easy to use, fuss-free and damn cheap. I loved that you can even use it without a mirror, like when you're watching TV.

Update: I have received several emails from readers telling me the epi stick is like the only thing that doesn't irritate their sensitive upper-lip area.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I am genuinely in love with this product, and I have paid for it myself. The whole 2€.

What's an Epistick Hair Removal Wand ?

   It's a little spring for facial threading. It works on the same principle as threading, but way less painful and much easier. You just twist a little spring to pull out the hair from its roots. It covers the face quickly, but is too small to use on the body.

What's Facial Threading ?

   In many Asian countries girls use threading to epilate their face to get a smooth shiny look. The threads are twisted to grab small hair and pull it up. Face fuzz supposedly mattifies and dulls the face, especially if your hair is dark.
  Most of us probably don't need to epilate the whole face, but have hair on the upper lip of around the jaw that doesn't exactly make us prettier. Another problem spot can be lady-sideburns, which can be irritating when you are trying to blend your foundation in.

How does this springy-thingy work ?

You twist it to catch the hair, and pull it out from the roots. It works on all of the face except the eyebrows: upper lip, chin, neck, forehead, etc.

Take a look at the official demo from Epicare.
However, this lady has it covered it really well:

Eternal*Voyageur's Review of the Epistick

Ease of use: ****
Took me a bit of time to get the hang of it, but then I'm not very coordinated. I loved that it's pretty quick, and non-messy.
Pain: ***
I didn't find it as painful as some of the reviewers on the Makeup Alley, but then I have been tweezing for a while so I guess that my pain threshold isn't that high. As one reviewer put it,the pinching is irritating rather than painful. It gets less painful over time, as the skin gets used to it.
Skin safety: *****
Doesn't effect the skin: no harmful chemicals, minimal pulling, no irritation! Yay! Epistick can also be used  if you apply Retinoids.
Re-growth: ****
Pretty slow, since the hair is removed with the roots. That means that over time the hair growth will be weaker.
Areas covered: ****
Is way too slow to use on on the body, and dangerous around the eyebrows. Other than that, it deals with any hair on the face !
Effectiveness: *****
Grabs even the finest fuzz.
Price: *****
Cheap, if you buy from Ebay.

Comparison with other methods:

Depilatory creams: I'm not a fan of them since I don't fancy applying anything on my skin that can chemically dissolve hair. Besides, the Cosmetic Database reveals that most depilatory creams have medium to hight safety concerns. Painless, but messier, and the hair grows back very fast since it is removed only on the surface.
Waxing: pulls the skin, and is way more painful. And messy. Might cause skin discolorations, an wreaks havoc with spider veins. And works only with longer hair.
Tweezing: pulls the skin more and takes a longer time than the Wand. However, you will need your tweezers for the area between your eyebrows.
Shaving: (yes, there exist facial razors for ladies) is gentle on the skin, but I imagine the stubble would be unpleasant. Update: you can totally shave your face without getting stubble, apart from the lady 'stache. However, the hair grows back much faster that after the wand.

Eternal*Voyageur's Tips:

  • If the hair you want to remove is longer (like one the cheeks), shave it with a razor first, and use the Wand on it the next day -- it'll be less painful.
  • For the first time, try it after a shower, when the hair pores are more open.
  • Store your Wand so that it doesn't get dirty (unless you really want to break out). Just wrap it in a tissue or something. Got any ideas for DIY storage of the Wand ?
  • Keep it away from the eyebrow area till you get skilled in using it. Then maybe you can attempt the area between your brows.
  • Don't wait too long between uses. When only some of the hair has grown back and it is still short, the process is much less painful !
  • Do clean it with alcohol every once in a while.
  • If it doesn't work, you are doing it wrong. Just roll it, don't move it around ! Read the instructions carefully  & watch the video.
  • For sensitive skin: dust the area with powder. And after epilating, use Witchhazel on sensitive skin to calm it. Thanks to cakemix for tips.

Epicare vs Epictick vs Bellabe

These are practically the same thing from different brands, apart from the fact that Bellabe comes with a plastic storage tube. Bellabe is produced in the US, Epicare in Malaysia. Epistick in an even cheaper knock-off of Epicare. I bought mine on Ebay for 2€, brand new, inclusiveshipping. I'm cheap like that.

Where to buy this wonder-tool:

Search Ebay for Epistick, Epicare or Bellabe.
Official site of Bellabe (US), and Epicare (UK)

Don't just take my word, check out the raving reviews from Makeup Alley !

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