Bra Matrix Reader Metamorphosis 01: ina60eorf

Inaeorf went from 70C (among many others) to 60E, and was so happy that she sent photos and her story, which features many bra-fitters (Oprah included), as well as the truth on migration and tips for you.

You can inspire others by sharing your bra-metamorphosis story, whether in pictures, word or both ! *Details here*

Here is the visual proof.
Click to enlarge, and watch the thermostat !

Left: 70C moulded bra, unadjusted.    Right: the same bra after adjusting (bending forward and gathering from the armpits and back into the cups). You can clearly see the quadruple boob: the cups are too small.


On the left in a correctly sized Freya Rio (soft cup) in 60(28)E.   On the right in moulded Panache Porcelain (Our cup size table shows that Porcelain has smaller than standard cups, and that is why ina60eorf found her fit in 60F)


Aaaand: this is a push-up in the wrong size. Note the flat profile !


Ina60eorf's Bra Story:

   I had my first bra fitting at the age of 11 or 12 (was not fitted again for another 20 yrs).  I was a whopping 28A.  In those times, and often still today, it was felt that as your boobs grew so did your band size.  By the time I finished high school I was wearing a 32B.  I wore that size until I got pregnant.  I wore a 34 or 36C during the various stages of pregnancy and wore a 36DD while nursing.  The 36DD was too small in the cup but a 38 wouldn't stay pulled down and in my town at that time, there was nothing above a DD in 36. 

   After I finished nursing, I settled into a 34C.  It never felt right.  I was constantly tugging at it as every time I lifted my arms it practically came off.  I put on 20 lbs and went into a 34D but once again didn't fit right.  After 5 or 6 yrs of being 20 lbs heavier, I went on a diet and started exercising. Once I lost the weight, there was no way I could wear a 34 band anymore.  My shape had completely changed and it now slid around me.  

** Oprah:
This was also the beginning of the bra revolution started on Oprah.  It was watching that show that made me realize I'd been wearing the wrong size bra.  I immediately went to be fitted and was measured at a 32B.  The cups felt too small but that's what I was being told was my size and they're the experts, right?

** Nordstrom & La Senza

While on a trip, I went to a Nordstroms who are supposed to be renowned for their bra fitting skills.  They measured me at 32C.  Once again,it didn't feel right but the fit mistress adamantly upheld her findings and sent me home with two very expensive 32C's.  It was a fairly common size at La Senza in my hometown so that's where I remained for 5 yrs.  On Day 1, I would always move them to the tightest hook and never adjusted myself into the cups.  Within weeks, they were so loose it was like I was wearing a camisole not a bra.  Also, because I felt I was very small and there were no modesty devices to prevent show through, I always bought thickly padded, push-up bras.  

Once, when the local La Senza store was having a bra fitting extravaganza, they insisted on fitting me as there was "no way" I could possible be a C cup.  And of course, they tried to put me in a 32B.  I tried to explain that it wouldn't fit. But the fitter would not be denied and insisted on seeing me in it.  When it was clearly too small, she dismissed it by saying that I must be a 34B or the shape not right for me.  I left with no bras and made sure the next time I went the fitter wasn't there before sneaking a 32C to the cash.

** Bra Matrix

   Sometime around 6 months ago, I found out there were band sizes smaller than 32 in other cities and countries.  While on a shopping trip, I had occasion to try on a 30D but it was one of those stretchy material ones which I really hate so I didn't buy it.  When I got home from that trip, I went to eBay and bought a Mark's & Spencers 30D.  I was so excited for it to arrive.  It fit better than my 32Cs but still wasn't quite right.

   I started researching online like mad.  That's when I came across this wonderful site and the Bra Matrix.  I used the online calculator.  To my delight, I had not been crazy for the last 20 yrs, my band size was actually 28 not 32.   Without a bra on, I measured to a 28D.  With a sports bra on, I measured to a 28E.  Quite a difference that I didn't understand at the time. I also saw how much of me really couldn't fit into the cup size I'd been wearing after adjusting myself into them according to the instructions on the your site.

   I eagerly ordered my first 28E bra from Bravissimo.  I couldn't have been more excited when it arrived.  I stripped as quickly as I could and put the bra on according to your guidelines.  It fit!!!  The first time in 30+ bra-wearing years, I had a bra that actually fit.  Hallelujah!

** Too tight ?

One note for those that will say the band being recommended by this calculator is too tight -It took me about a week to get used to the tighter band.  After having worn 32's for so long, it was very constrictive going to a 28.  But within a week, it was as if that been the size I'd always worn.  In fact, if I put on a 32 now I feel like I'm going to fall right out of it.
** (Breast tissue) Migration is real !

   I spent most of my life blaming my shape on my heredity when in actuality it was poorly fitting bras.  I had felt that it was genetics that had caused the majority of my breast tissue to sit under my arm and onto my back - causing me to appear much smaller than I actually am.  New modesty products now exist so I no longer have to have padded push-up bras in my lingerie drawer.  I'm relishing wearing non-padded bras and how I look under clothes.  It's been 4 months since I bought my first 28E and my shape has completely changed.  My breasts are firmer, more pert (less saggy)  and I measure a 28E without a bra now.  The tissue is gone from under my arms and almost gone from my back - migration is real!

** Advice & tips for you **

   Don't be discouraged if the first size you try doesn't fit perfectly.  Different brands fit differently.  Even within the same brand there can be big variations.  I have bras in 28E, 28F, 30DD and 30E.  It depends on the shape of the cup and stretchiness of the band.  And remember, it could be that the bra type just doesn't suit your shape.  I thought I preferred full cup bras because I have small shoulders but many balconies have a fairly narrow strap stance that work well for me plus the cups work better for my shape.  It will take some trial and error to see what suits you.

   So ladies, step away from bras that you can pull more than 2 inches from your back.  Just say no to cups that cut into your breast tissue.  Toss the straps that pull more than 1 inch from your shoulders.  You, too, can have the shape and fit you've always dreamed.  No more should you buy a bra that you know doesn't fit just because a "professional" tells you it does.  Thanks to Eternal*Voyageur, you too can figure out your proper size and BREAK OUT OF THE MATRIX !

   Since her metamorphosis, ina60eorf has tried and tested lots of bras, and has shared her invaluable information in the tables of unstandard (v. big or small) bra cups and (v. tight or loos) bra bands.

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