Be a Bra Fitter For Your Grandma

I'd say that 99,99% of grandmas wear the wrong size. They accept a saggy shape as normal, and have no idea how wearing the correct size can make dramatic changes in their looks. (Even when the breasts are pretty saggy, when wearing a bra the nipple should be halfway between shoulder and elbow. If not, the bra is just covering their breasts and not supporting them.) Just because your grandma is wearing a terribly fitting bra, doesn't mean that she want to look like that. Most elderly ladies have no idea how much bras have changed since the days of their youth.
     But it's not just about looks: a badly fitting bra means constant discomfort and back-pain, which such a lot of women (especially the larger-busted) take for granted !

    This post is inspired by and based on "Choose a bra for Your Grandma" at Stanikomania. Click for pics ! You will see a lady with 98 cm under the bust and 105 in the bust, who has been wearing soft bras without underwires in 110E. She has been fitted by her granddaughter and now wears a 95G (UK 42G). What a huge difference that has made !

So here are some tips for you to fit your grandma:

Fitting Moms, sisters and best friends is usually done by the guerrilla method: you lasso victim from behind (use a measuring tape), you calculate their size, and order a bra for them. Then you plead with then to try it on, which they grudgingly do while telling you "I'm not wearing anything that's not a push-up" or "Geeeee ? I'm not a G, I've always been a B. You can give the G to Pamela Anderson". Then. you explain to them that B doesn't exist, but they aren't listening, they are already busy admiring their new great shape in a mirror.

    With grandmas, you need a complete change of tactics. First of all, you need to approach them respectfully, and take their preferences and habits into accounts.

Find grandma's size:

* Elderly women value comfort, and they dislike tightness. Don't make the bra band too tight, since your grandma's sensitive skin may not be ready for it.
* Because the breasts are not so firm are are easily compressed, often the right size for elderly ladies is one cup smaller than the bra-fitting calculator shows.
* That means: if the calculator gave you 38FF, try a slight smaller cup. That would mean 38F. Then, go up a band size: 40E or even 42 DD (because cup sizes are relative to band sizes). Of course, this would be just the closest guess, you need to order several neighbouring sizes, try them on your grandma and send back what doesn't fit.

Find the right bra model:

* The elderly generation is often shorter in height, and this does make a difference in bra-fitting. Bras that have long underwires that poke into the armpit or are generally very built-up in the armpit area are very uncomfortable for petites. You might need to shorten (cut) very long underwires, or cut and re-sew bra straps that are very long.
* When in doubt, get a simple bra model. No beige-coloured sacks please, but don't get a polka-dotted-lace-n-bows bra either. Your grandma can get that herself later, if she wants too.
* Choose smooth, soft fabrics, for elderly people often have a sensitive skin.
* Often, the hands of elderly people have problems with the back or hands, and your grandma may have a hard time closing the bra band. If you are crafty, you might think of changing the bra into a front-closing model.


* Your grandma may be quite shy, so often ordering bras online and trying them at homeis a better option than dragging her to a store.
* It's probably that you'll have to buy the first bra for them yourself. (Due to stubbornness or because they may find it unreasonable to spend a bit more on a good bra) It's a good idea to time this around Christmas, their birthday, or whenever it is that presents are appropriate.
* Elderly people are often scared of underwires, since the ones in their youth were mostly pretty terrible. Try not to mention them till after your grandma has tried on the new bra.
* If your grandma doesn't like the results, ask her what is it exactly that bothers her. Listen carefully, and try again: order a slightly different size, a different colour, or model. Remember that your grandma had years of habits weighing on her.
* Remember that after being correctly fitted, your grandma will still be (probably) unable to buy herself more bras in the correct size. Offer to help her, ask about her preferences and show her some pictures on your laptop !


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