Delicious Reads For "The Girls"


Here is some funny, fabulous and interesting boob & bra related stuff that I meant to share with you since a long time !

Bra Fitting Cicade is a funny and informative blog on bra fitting ! I especially like the post on her bra fitting adventures in Lisbon: "I assure you, the photo on the right doesn’t show my a$$". Go check it out !

* Everyone needs the perfect Bura.

* You probably know how to put on a bra correctly (ahem, please click if you haven't read that post, it's pretty important). There exists another way to do this, for experts only.

Asymmetrical boobs. A funny and interesting read.

* Stanikomania is running an English version of some of their posts. Check out How To Look Good In Underwear.

* Maheda has been making fantastic bra-fitting videos:

Part 1: Fitting a bigger-ish bust:

Part 2: This girl was a 75B (34B).

The same lady also made a series three more videos, fitting three different girls with avery similar figures. Watch 1 & 2, & 3.

Photo by torpore

Check these out: