Bra Brands: Freya -- Colour, Fun And Narrow Underwires


Freya bras are known for bright colours & wild designs, a great size range, quite stretchy bands. Here is my review about the ups, the downs and the cups of this brand.


   Colourful and whimsical, in a fresh, bold kind of way. Lots of sheerness, lightness and playfulness. Interesting prints and polka-dots and delicate embroidery. Even their beige and white models are never boring !
    I could say that many of the bras are not my style, but seriously it's impossible to find something ugly at Freya's.


The bands are pretty stretchy, so in most models you need to take a tighter band than you normally wear. For detailed info on which model has tight/stretchy bands as well as cup size bigger/smaller than standard, check out my bra band table and bra cup table.

Sizes Available:
Bands: 28 to 40 (EU 60 to 95), in practice 30 to 42, see above.
Cups: B to K (UK)

Models & Styles:

A lot of gorgeous soft-cups, in a delightful assortment of styles and sizes. Mainly half-cups.
Some really good sports bras like the reader-recommended Freya Active that goes up to a H cup and doesn't give you a mono-boob.
A couple of pretty nursing bra models, not really worth recommending.
Freya also has an interesting swimwear range with bra cup sizes, up to cup G.

Interesting models:
The Freya Arabella a sheer light sexiness up to J cup, beloved by bigger-busted ladies that are used to heavily-constructed bras.
Freya Retro Plunge is what I'd call a pro push-up. Unlike a cheap push-up, it gathers the breasts from the sides, creating a spectacular cleavage without squashing the boobs.

Bra Fitting

   Pretty good, the ladies modelling the bras are mostly really well fitted ! Watch and learn !


A bit pricier, but still affordable: prices start at £25.00at UK sites. Due to their stretchiness they are less durable than Panache, but are usually prettier (if you are looking for fun, bold unmentionables !)

Where to buy:

Freya stores locator
Try these online stores.
There are lots floating around on Ebay, often dirt-cheap.

Websites: (UK) (FR) (DE)

Recommended for:

* Those searching for pretty colours
* Big cups in delicate styles
* Anyone who needs narrow underwires (boobs that are close together)


I hope this helps ! Another brand I have covered so far is La Senza.


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