Freya Bras With Wider Underwires Do Exist !

Freya bras are known for narrow underwires (also for colour & fun patterns, and a full size range). While they are perfect for more closely-set boobs, girls needing wider underwires usually go for Panache or Fantasie. If you have been drooling over my Freya bras post but you can't wear narrow underwires, here is a chance for you to get a piece of the action !

   Here are some Freya models that have wider underwires than a typical Freya.

Update: these underwires are medium width, not as wide as Panache, so dont buy them if you need really wide underwires !

Stretchy band reminder:
   Most Freyas have a very stretchy band, so you should try a band size lower than usual. Don't forget that it means that you need to simultaneously go up a cup size, since cups are always relative to the band. So, 65D -> 60DD

Where to buy these beauties ?
  Some great online stores and Ebay.

PS. A big warm thanks to those who answered my survey ! If you haven't yet, please do, it's only 2 questions !

*Source: Lobby Biusciastych*    

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