Undereye Wrinkles At 18 -- Reader Question

Undereye Wrinkles At 18 -- Reader Question

I got an email from a lovely reader:

Is it ok to use anti-wrinkle cream on your eyes if you just start noticing wrinkles?
I am 18 years old and have incredible thin skin around my eyes. When I laugh it gets very wrinkled - and I have days they sort of 'stay' in my skin after I laughed!
I started wondering how my eyes would look in 10 years, and started to worry and think maybe I should start to use cream on my eyes against wrinkling...
But recently I read a health article on young girls in their 20s that use this... And it said there is something in those creams that make it worse if you have 'young' skin.

   Hi there ! At your age the cause of wrinkles is not 'old' collagen and repeated facial expressions, but rather very dry skin around the yeas. So I wouldn't advise you to use typical anti-aging creams: a lot of over-the counter ones have too few active ingredients anyway and are loaded with silicones, while prescriptiones ones are pretty strong.

     Let's talk about your dry under-eye skin. they are caused by things like genes and eating habits, and intensified by cold weather, indoor air-conditioning or heating, chlorine in swimming pools, and so on.

♥  To moisturise your under-eye skin, I'd advise oils.

   For the day, Jojoba oil is very light and will not look greasy. It will help to protect the skin from the environment.
   For the evening, try alternating something with vitamin C and vitamin A+E.
   For the vitamin C you can get a moisturiser with it, or try this home made vitamin c serum (more effective in my personal opinion).
   You can get vitamin A+E capsules from the pharmacy (I'm talking about the ones you eat !) Get one made of natural ingredients, instead of synthetic. The pharmacy seller will probably help you with that ! Pierce the capsules and dab on the contents on the problem area.
The reason vit C should be applied in the evening is that it makes the skin sensitive to sunlight. And the vit A+E oil will look greasy, so you might not like to use it during the day.

   Try applying the oils after washing the face, it kind of seals the moisture in. Apply the oils gently, using the ring finger, massage the eye corners from outside to inside. Don't pull the skin, just glide !

♥    Which brings me to cleansing: 

   Remove eye make-up with oil, or rich cleansing milks. A lot of typical cleansers and make-up removers are pretty drying.

♥ What you eat and drink is very important when it comes to skin. 

   What we put in our body has much more effect on our  skin than what we put on it. Take a look at your diet: do you eat too much sugar, salt, heavily processed food, coffee, cola, too much animal products ? (You are 18, so I'm assuming you don't smoke or drink much). Ideally you should eat a lot of fresh, unprocessed veggies, fruits and nuts. You need Vitamin C in your diet (that's the vitamin very important in fighting wrinkles). Since this vitamin is very sensitive to heat, oxygen or water, so try to get some fresh, raw fruit or veggies every day.
Foods rich in Vit C: prepare to be surprised !

♥  Don't forget to hydrate yourself from the inside: drink more water !

♥  Also, when was the last time you've been to the oculist ? You might be squinting due to sight problems or because your glasses /contact strength has changed (mine changes every few months).

I hope this helped, and I hope you keep on laughing !

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