Choosing A Deodorant That´s Good For You

    My small guide to deos: how they can interfere with the body´s release of toxins, and how to shop for good products.

    I decided to change my old deodorant since it contains talc that was probably causing of ingrown hair and pimples (update: I was right). Going through shelves of deos, I was pretty surprised to find almost nothing without alcohol. Alcohol makes deos evaporate instantly and gives that fresh smell, but for me it´s drying and irritating.
     At the end of my hunt, I realised that the best deodorants from Sante were based on alum: there were spray or liquid versions of pure alum, which is known as the crystal or rock deodorant. So, much to my own surprise, I went home with a crystal deodorant (my guy uses one but I always thought it´s ridiculous... I mean, it´s looks like a plastic rock!). It´s working fine so far, even to my fastidious Virgo nose. I guess I´ll update again in the summer though !

    Anyway, here´s a small guide on deodorants, for you:

Why bother with a better deodorant ?

Deodorant ingredients are often pretty nasty. We apply those on freshly waxed or shaved skin, and then expect our pits to keep on flushing toxins out of our body and look smooth and pretty... there are a lot of products which are nicer to our pits and us, so why not try them ?

Deodorant or Antiperspirant ?

Avoid antiperspirants for three reasons: one, they are almost always based on aluminium which is a toxin and linked with Alzheimer´s. Two, antiperspirants are made to be absorbed by the skin; so the absorb all that aluminium and other nasty stuff. Three, antiperspirants lock the toxins in the body: remember that the sweat glands in the underarms are major way of the body getting rid of toxins. Armpits are supposed to sweat !

How to choose Deodorants ?

   The cheat sheet: 

Check out the deodorant ratings on the Cosmetic Database. The quickest way to find a deo that´s safe an effective !

Ingredients to avoid:
  • Aluminum and any of its compounds.
  • Parabens
  • Toluene
  • Triclosan
  • Talc
  • Propylene glycol
  • Silica
  • Steareth-n (n may be any number )

Also avoid: Alcohol and perfume
  Unless you have pits of steel. Alcohol is drying and irritating. Perfumes are also irritating, and may contain very toxic ingredients. Essential oils on the other hand are safe. Personally I don´t care for deodorants with scents, since they clashe with my perfumes.

Look for "sensitive" or natural deodorants
Hypo-allergenic deodorants for sensitive skin had much better ingredients than other deodorants of the same company. Deos from natural companies are usually much gentler. Just make sure that the brand is a certified natural brand; green leaves on the label or the word "natural" or "mineral" are no guarantee. One of the worst rated deodorants on the Cosmetic Database is the Herbal Clear Natural Deodorant with Swiss Lichen & Aloe Vera, sounds oh so natural but the ingredient list reveals the truth.

Want to make your own ?
Here is a recipe for a DIY Stick Deodorant. Look through the comments for results, tips and more ideas: apparently you can use it in powder form as a foot deo.

But I really need something strong, since my BO is powerful !

A strong body odour is not natural, it´s always a sign of a problem in the body. It´s trying to eliminate toxins, because something rancid is going on isnide.
Take a moment to read Why body odor reveals your true health habits: Here's how to reduce odor and enhance health and Body odor can be eliminated through a change in diet.

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