How to care for your decollete

      Have you noticed that many elder women have smooth and cared-for skins on their face, but neglected necks and décolleté, with spots and wrinkles ? Well, I have.
Along with caring for my face every day, you need to care for the skin on my neck and cleavage.

Skin on the decollete is as delicate as the under-eye area.

     A lot of us treat this skin like the skin on the rest of our body: we scrub it hard, and rarely remember to moisturise it.
They often tell you to treat your cleavage like an extension of your face. Well, they´re a bit wrong there. Skin on the decollete is as delicate as the skin under the eyes area. It contains very few oil glands, and so it is prone to drying out quickly.
So, treat it with outmost gentleness.

How to care for the cleavage

You can use your regular face-cleansing and moisturising products, as long as they are meant for dry or normal skin. Since decollete skin has few oil glands, anti-acne products and other stuff for oily skins should not be used there.

    At night you can treat your cleavage and neck with the double cleansing method (try using the almond cleanser for the first step). In the mornings, use a rich cream or moisturiser. It´s best applied after showering and lightly patting dry the area: applying moisturizer on moist skin seals in the moisture. Also, skin just after a shower or after cleansing can absorb the cream better.
Scrubs, if any, should be gentle. A better alternative is the press-and-roll almond cleanser, which exfoliates very very gently.
    And lastly, don´t forget to give your decollete some sun-protection !

Photo: Evanescent Oak Tree by wabberjocky

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