Nettle Tea For Hair Growth And Clear Skin


April is a good time to turn into a witch and harvest nettles for magical hair and skin potions. Of course, you can also buy it directly from your local witchcraft suppliers, otherwise known as drug-stores and health stores. Nettle tea is amazing ! It clears the skin and balances oil production, makes hair healthier and speeds up its growth. Nettles are richer in iron than spinach but are slightly tastier. Nettle hair rinse is fantastic for oily hair. I throw mine into my smoothies, and sometimes replace spinach with nettles in cooking (don´t boil it for a long time, it only need a minute or two to cook so throw it in the last minute).

   If you want to pick your own nettles, the best time to harvest them is April and May, before they have flowered. Find nettles away from roads and pollution, and pick the younger leaves on the tip. I have some growing in my garden, it´s actually very beneficial neighbour for most plants and trees. Don´t forget gloves ! You can dry the leaves to store them.

Nettle tea: 
Drink 1- 2 cups a day.
Cover the leaves with boiling water, cover the cup and let steep for minimum 15-20 minutes. Drink hot or cold.
If you don´t like the taste try adding lemon or other juice or instant fruit or berry tea.

Watch out:
After 3 months of drinking nettle it´s a good idea to make a month´s break.
Nettle tea may make you want to pee more ! Don´t drink your first cup before going out. Drink enough liquids so you don´t get dehydrated !

Break-outs after nettle tea ?
Drinking nettles cause detox: the skin releases the accumulated toxins, which may appear as a break out. After one or two weeks the skin should clear up and look better than before. In case the breakouts persists, it´s possible that nettle tea is not for your organism.

Do you drink herbal teas ? What´s your favourite ? Have you tried nettle ?

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