Home Hack: Lid Rack Repurposed For Cabinet Door Storage

I love hacks and unusual solutions for the home. I´ve been known to waste spend hours Googling the word "repurpose" (try it on google images, and see if you don´t sucked in as well !)

  I´ve been looking for ways to use the space inside the kitchen cabinet doors. I can´t screw or hammer anything into these doors, since the kitchen cabinets are part of the rented flat. So I had to get creative, and I´m so happy with the result that I couldn´t pass up the chance to brag. After all, it´s my blog, and that´s what blogs are for, right ? Anyway, back to my oh-so-clever repurposing hack:

That´s my dish-towel organiser ! It´s on the inside of the cabinet door, so the whole thing is hidden yet easily accessible.

The door hook is from a flea-market, but I´ve seen similar things to hang bathroom towels in Ikea. You hardly see any part of it on the other side of the door.
On that hook I´ve hung a lid rack. Again, you can get one at Ikea (I remember it´s from the Rationell series, although I got mine at a flea market). I did use some scotch-tape to keep the thing from swinging when I opened the door.

What else could you store in a lid-rack ? Any unbreakable plates, trays and cutting boards, letters, newspapers or magazines, wrapping paper, place mats, those big wooden spoons and spatulas... In the bathroom it could hold small towels, unopened cleaning products (the kind that some in long, round containers), more magazines... I´m sure you could come up with more than that.

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