Correct Bra Fitting Solves Nipple Show

I was totally not aware of this. Recently a reader asked about soft cups and nipple show, and I answered by saying that many soft cups have a pretty sturdy lining or are very slightly padded. To this, ina60eorf answered with :

"I have fought nipple show my whole adult life.  It's the main reason I wore push-ups to keep things under wraps.  If you find and wear your right size bra, it fits snugly enough that show-through (even in a non-padded) is much reduced.  It took probably 6 months in a right-sized bra for this to hold true for me.  Until that time I bought silicone daisies at La Senza to keep things under wraps.  If, after you've migrated, you centre yourself under the seams; you should notice a big difference.  For reference, without a bra (in a breeze) you could hang your coat off me. Right sized bras do amazing things !!!"

Big thanks, Ina ! I had no idea that the correct or wrong fit of a bra could have an influence on nipple show.
Do you have any more tips for dealing with nipple show when wearing soft bras ?
Oh, and check out Ina60eorf´s bra metamorphosis here.

Photo by elliot hazel    

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