Jewellery With A Swimsuit

     If your swimsuit is just a simple one (like mine), a piece or two of jewellery really jazzes things up. It distracts the eye and adds whimsy and originality, and breaks up the big expanses of bare skin. Here is my little guide to choosing it right.
   I like to ge more bold and playful with the jewellery than I normally would, because most swimsuits have very simple and unfussy lines, and big unbroken expanses of skin are revealed. With such an uncomplicated background, you can play with intricate, bold or "fussy" pieces.
   For this look I prefer either one bold or two subtle pieces. You don´t necessarily need to wear hemp bracelets and shell necklaces, try plastic, silver, glass or semi-precious stones. Look for pieces that complement the colour and style of the swimsuit, but don´t go all matchy-matchy by exactly matching the shape or print. This is an example of too matchy-matchy; also the eyes, lips and necklace are fighting for space and attention.
   With a swimsuit I prefer to wear jewellery on the body rather than earrings, which I feel will ´disappear´ on the big expanse of naked skin, unless they are very large. But then they will probably clash with the sunglasses and the hat. I do however have a weakness for small pearls on the ears: go for white if you´re pale, and cream ones if you´re tanned.

Which piece to choose ?

  • An anklet is a classic beach piece. Layer several delicate anklets, or try a chunky cuff meant for the wrists. 
  • Delicate waist chains look amazing with two-piece swimsuits. Keep it subtle, though.
  • Bracelets and armlets: try mixing several that don´t necessarily match but complement each other. Just don´t wear bracelets and a waist chain, since you´ll have too much going on in the same area.
  • Watch out with necklaces: long ones will get in the way, short ones are not flattering on most people. The most flattering length is always the same distance from chin to bottom of necklace as the length of the face. Layering can look good, if done carefully.
  • Rings: go big & wild, or stack, otherwise they´ll be invisible. Be careful though, since they might slip off when wet.
Just make sure that the jewellery piece stays put, and it´s not something you´d terribly mind losing, and doesn´t get damaged by sand or water.


Wear orphan pieces that you love but don´t match any clothes that you own.


Wear a necklace on your wrist, or on your ankle. Wear a wrist cuff on your ankle. Thread together two chains to make a waist chain. Have fun !

As long as you keep things simple and playful, you can get away with a lot ! Just rock it !

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