Reader Question: How Did I get Rid Of My Stretchmarks

"I'm currently pregnant and have tons of stretchmarks and i feel so much hope knowing that u managed to get such lovely looking skin after scrubbing and applying creams.

I have some stretchmarks from puberty and they never seemed to lighten beyond the silvery white stage and I could always see depressions in them. Right now I am trying to keep my hopes up that I can slowly heal all the new stretchmarks that seem to be appearing out of nowhere!"

   Hi there ! new stretchmarks are much easier to deal with than old ones ! It´s really a pity that pregnancy comes bundled together with so many annoying things, but don´t let them get your goat 
   I didn´t get any stretchmarks during puberty, but I got a double-dose with baby #1. As you saw on the photos, I managed to almost erase them. Then I got pregnant again, and wham, I got new ones, and I´m back to the "before". Life isn´t fair !

Anyway, this is what I´m doing right now to get rid of them again:

Scrubbing and exfoliating:

   This is the most important step ! Scrub the stretchmarks once to twice a day. Use a loofah, brush or exfoliating glove. Do get natural ones rather than plastic, I´ve recently found out that the plastic ones are harsher in not a good way, and leave small tears on the skin. Breasts can only be scrubbed very gently, but with the rest of the skin use vigorous movements. If the marks are deep (depressed), stretch the skin slightly with one hand to open them up, while you scrub with the other hand.

Preparing the skin for the cream:

   Even the best anti-stretchmark product won´t do much when it´s layered over remnants of old cream from the day before that´s mixed with the last week´s worth of dead skin cells. So before applying anything prepare the skin, this really helps the product to work better. The scrubbing described above takes care of the dead skin cells. To cleanse off the previous day´s product build-up, I use... *suspense* ...soap. Yes, mine is SLS and paraben-free.

Creaming and massaging:

   I say that the scrubbing and massaging action is much more important than the anti-stretchmark product you use. To rub the cream in, use a firm touch and some pressure. Alternate rubbing in the cream in small spirals and long strokes.
   Do take your time with this step. Oils and products that are more sticky force you to massage longer to make them sink in. With (too) easily absorbing products, I like to apply them on wet skin with wet hands, that way the skin stays slippery for a longer time and I can have to massage longer.
   I´ve alternated a whole bunch of different products, from well-reviewed but paraben-packed product that was quite a dillemma for me, to a home made oil mix. So I can´t recommend any one product. If you´re interested, my oil mix was: almond oil, wheatgerm oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E from a capsule, along with Lavender essential oil. Lavender is safe to use during pregnancy. When you´re not pregnant or nursing anymore, read about which essential oils help with scar tissue.


   If you want your body to heal or reconstruct anything, you need to support it with the right food. A huge chunk of our energy is lost in digesting overly-processed food, and dealing with the chemicals and toxins that are often in it. Raw fruit and vegetables ale full of living enzymes that help the food get digested easily, freeing up the body´s resources for other things. Like healing.
Vitamin C is very important when it comes to healing the skin. So, include fruits and veggies that have lots of it ! Did you know that peppers have more Vit C than oranges ?

Psych yourself

   Maybe this sounds a bit woo-woo, but I firmly believe that we influence our body processes with our minds, whether consciously or not. When I discovered my stretch marks, I started hating them and the body parts that had them. Then I realised that pumping hate into my thighs every day is not the best way to make my body work at healing the skin there. So I tried doing a little visualisation, imagining my body working hard at repairing those stretchmarks. Be kind and loving to your body, just like you would be to a sick friend whom you´re encouraging to hurry up and get well.


    This is a homeopathic remedy that dissolves scar tissue. I´ve not gotten around to talking about it to my Dr yet, though I keep meaning to (I haven´t seen my doc in ages, and good thing too). I do know that unrefined mustard oil (from which it is prepared) has wonderful healing properties (though it´s pretty stinky). Read about Thiosinaminum here. Do talk with your Dr about it, I have no idea if it´s safe for pregnant women.

If you are pregnant, be very gentle with your belly. Ask your doctor whether you can scrub it or even massage it with creams. In some women any kind of touch to the area could cause contractions. I´ve gently scrubbed and massaged my own pregnant belly, but I´ve had a very healthy and no-risk pregnancy. And I´m no expert. So please ask someone qualified, to be on the safe side.

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