How A Bra Can Firm Up And Repair Breast Shape

Getting the right bra size helped my post-baby boobs enormously, but when I saw these photos I went ´wow´ ! The photos on the left are from two years ago, the ones on the right are after two years of wearing a correctly-fitted bra. The lady is not wearing a bra under the swimsuit ! Read the whole story at Stanikomania (scroll to bottom).
The breasts changed enormously within two years of wearing the correct bra size ! The loose band of the old bra didn´t give any support, and the cups squashed the breasts, making the breast tissue migrate outside of the cups. This is the case of 9 out of 10 women, yes, most of us have wrongly fitted bras ! The new correctly-sized bra of this lady returned the armpit and back rolls to the breasts, and gave her a fantastic shape. Read my post on what is breast tissue migration and find your correct bra size.

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