Can a Full-Busted Girl Wear a Bikini ?

What if I tell you large of boob ladies that you can wear a two-piece and look & feel fabulous in it ?
Support, comfort and size availability are the things which scare away the large of boob from two-piece swimsuits. However, anyone with a big cup can wear two-piece if they follow the rule: the size must be right. If the band is snug enough, the bikini top will stay put andgive support. And look fabulous. This also works for strapless bras. Do you know that the average woman wears a band size three sizes to big for her ?

The band is the key.

Step one: find your correct size
    The myth that you can´t wear a two-piece if you have a large chest is propagated by those who have never seen a well-fitted bra. When the band is loose and doesn´t offer any support, we rely on the straps to haul the boobs up. The whole bikini top (or bra) won´t support, looks saggy and feels uncomfortable. This is the case with 90% of women on any given street on any given day.
   If the band is snug, it will keep everything in place. To get the correct size for snug supporting band, measure tightly under your bust at exhale, and subtract 5 cm from it. Round down to the nearest band size. (UK sizing: measure in inchest, and round down to nearest band size without substrating anything). This means if you measure 83cm under the bust, you should be wearing band size 75. Don´t add anything to the underbust measurement. Do you wear panties that are wider than your hips ? You do want support, right ?
Once you go down band sizes, you´ll need to go up with cup sizes, since cups are relative to bands. Read more here and use the correct bra size calculator.

Not all bikini tops are flimsy things on a string.

Step two: find the correct cut
For large busts Balconette bikini tops are recommended, since they offer support as good as that of a bra. Don´t confuse them with Plunge bikini tops, which are cut much lower in the front. (In spite of this, plunges still offer better support than a typical bikini top, just make sure that the band is snug and the cup is big enough, or out pops the boob !)

What´s the size limit ?

Bravissimo makes bikini tops up to UK 38 K (That´s EUR 85R) ! And they´re not the only ones that know that busts don´t end at D. Panache, Freya and Fantasie offer bikini tops that are cute, comfortable and supportive.

Where to find these sizes ?

Bravissimo, Brastop (discounts !!!), Biggerbras, Figleaves, Ebay, Amazon, CurvesandLace, curvylicious... You do need to buy online though, since most offline stores don´t have anything beyond D cup.

Fabulous Fuschia from Bravissimo (till 38K),     Vodkatini from Freya (till 48G ?)

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