Microfiber Cloths For Effective & Gentle Exfoliation

You can´t imagine how happy I am to find an effective exfoliation method gentle enough for the most sensitive skin ! No rubbing and scrubbing, it grabs dirt and dead cells and leaves the skin very smooth. Very smooth. It´s very cheap and there are no chemicals involved.
   I´m talking about microfiber cloth. Yes, that wonder cleaner for the house and the car.
   And I sound like an infomercial. I know. But I´m in love.

   Microfiber cloths have special fibres that GRAB any dirt in their way, however small. If you´ve ever used them around the house, you know how they seem to cling and suck on to surfaces, are really soft and minimise the rubbing and the cleaning products you use. I thought that it was hype, but when I finally got around to trying them, I´m never going back.

  This explains how microfiber works, in comparision to normal cotton fibres. The fibres just pick up the dirt instead of pushing it around:

Via Wikipedia

    Someone somewhere tried using microfibre cloth on the skin, and the rest is history. Microfiber does a fantastic job of cleaning grime and exfoliating dead skin. The fibres pick up the dirt, so there is no rubbing or scratching involved. They do a very thorough work of cleansing and exfoliating. I´m in love with them since I can´t use scrubs (fragile capillaries) and even washcloths and cotton wool can be harsh for me (which is very annoying since my skin often flakes). Microfiber cloths are a revelation, since they are very very soft, much softer than wash-cloths, and they get rid of the skin flakes and any loose sebaceous filaments (pore plugs).
   I also like to scrub lips with them. I also tried rubbing my nails and cuticles with it after I finished trimming the cuticles. It did a fantastic job of cleaning and smoothing that area (which is a mess, I can tell you). Every girl needs to have them on her bathroom shelf !

Microfiber cloths are great for:

Cleansing. Use just water for more grip, a cleanser for more slip.
Fighting blackheads and tightening poresThis girl loves the results !
Removing make-up. Wow. I´ll never use cotton pads again because with them you need to rub, and microfiber just lifts everything off !
* For Oil Cleansing and steaming.
Exfoliating the face and the body.
Exfoliating the lips. Forget toothbrushes.
Apparently they work on scars, fine lines and age spots.
* Cleaning and exfoliating cuticles after you´ve finished cutting them.
Kerotosis. That´s the permanent goosebumps on arms or butt. I´ve googled around and it looks like microfibre cloths helped much more than most scrubs.
As a towel, especially travel towel. They absorb a LOT of water.
Everything around the house ! They magically clean windows without any cleaning agent ! I could wax on and on...

How to use microfibre cloths:
   Soak with water (or cleanser if you want more slip), and LIGHTLY rub on skin. Don´t over-scrub, or you´ll end up with angry red skin. The softness is deceiving and you might feel that nothing is happening, but trust me and don´t scrub hard unless you really want raw skin.
  You can cut the cloths in half or quarters. Or sew them into a mitt.
  Don´t use fabric softener or drier sheets with them, and it´s best to wash them separately (they pick up lint). Or at least don´t wash them with towels that produce lint.

Where to buy:

   You can buy them at any convenience store, for very cheap. I recommend the thick furry ones (often labelled as meant for cars) since they are softer and plushier than the finer, smoother ones. For reference, mine look exactly like these.
   As far as I know, there isn´t any difference between the "cosmetic" microfiber cloths and the ones for household or cars. The ones sold as face cloths are 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, same as the household ones in supermarkets here. Do take a peek at the tags to make sure you´re getting this fabric blend.


Have you tried microfibre cloths ? Around the house, on the face ? Did you like them 


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