THIS is why you need a bikini in your correct bra size (lesson learned !)

In spite of blogging about it, I haven´t yet bought myself a swimsuit in my correct bra size. (I´m looking for the perfect one, ok ? Perfection takes time !) So yesterday I got out my old bikini. I haven´t worn it in ages, mainly due to post-baby body image issues. The great thing about this bikini is that the bottom is high waisted, which is exactly how I like my bikini bottoms, thank you very much. So, I counted on this high waist to preserve my dignity. So much for the bottom. The problem was the top.

I got the bikini before I knew of the Bra Matrix. I´m not sure what size it is, i´m guessing 70 B. At the moment my bra size is 60DD (I have 67 cm under the bust). I thought I won´t need much support for just strolling around a lake and practicing isopops, and so it will have to do for the moment ! It seemed to lie well. Till the straps started falling off. All the time. I started to get really annoyed, and so I tied knots in them. They stopped slipping off, and I was satisfied... until I realised that the cups are slipping up when I raise my arms ! I had to yank them down quickly to preserve my modesty. This was worse than the slipping straps !
Can you guess how I solved the problem ?
Anyone ?
If you´ve been paying attention to the bra posts, the answer is obvious ! I tied the band tighter at the back. A knot. Suddenly the straps stayed in place, and the cups too. (I could now see that the cups were smallish, a fact that the loose band has masked before.)
Morale of the story ? A snugger band fixes most things. Also, I really need a bikini in 60DD. Actually I want this one, but it´s not available in my size, so I´m thinking Panache Illusion...
I´m going to practice isopops in a snug sports bra, and so I bid leave for today...

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