What Does A Small Busted Girl Want From A Bra Anyway ?

If a small-boobed girl fusses with bras in a store, she is often met with the attitude: what does she wants anyway ? She could just stop bothering and wear tank tops already.

In the bra matrix, a small-breasted woman wants:

1. Something to cover the nipples (not everybody can do the bra-less look).

2. Something padded or push-up. Actually, make that both, please.

What small-busted women really want:

* Support. Just because it´s small doesn´t mean it doesn´t bounce or jiggle. And whoever said that small busts always stay perky, needs to be tried and shot. Small-busted girls need support too, thank you very much. Bring on the snug bands, please.

* Comfort. I think this is the reason why many small-busted women wear tank-tops and bralettes. Because they find bras so friggin uncomfortable. Again, the key to comfort in a bra is size, size and size again. 

* Prettyness. Small and cute needs cute packaging ! Theoretically, small-bra producers could totally go wild with pretty fabric, ribbons, bows and lace (since small cups don´t need complicated construction). In reality, most small-cupped models that are being produced would look at home in the pre-teen department. We´re small-boobed women, not little girls !

* Shape. The wrong size can make the breasts look smaller, since the cup doesn´t hold all of the breast tissue in it (see pic below). Migration is not just a big-boob problem, though it might not be  as obvious at first glance in smaller breasts. A correctly sized soft bra can make small breasts look shapelier than any push-up (proof here).

For all these reasons tank tops, bralettes and stretched out 75A from H&M won´t take the place of a well fitted bra ! 

Conclusions ?

Find your correct bra size. Buy it (useful links here), don´t break the bank. Wear with pride ! Write to brands & stores telling them that you´d like more choice in your size. Love your boobs.

Thanks M. from hooping convention for inspiring this post !

Photo by coralpassion

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