Tip: Size Up When Buying Hosiery and Undies

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    Here is on of my best style tips: try taking a larger size when buying panties or hose / leggings. This little style secret has worked amazingly well for me. Basically slightly roomier hose or leggings are less likely to bunch and the crotch area won't try to escape in the direction of your knees. Any patterns on the tights or leggings gets distorted less. And they last longer too, since the fabric isn´t stretched quite as much.
    When it comes to knickers, panties and thongs, why do I get the feeling that they are always a tad tighter than necessary? Unlike bras, panties don´t have to support anything, so I don´t see what´s the point of feeling like a bondage fetishist when I wear them. Going up a size in panties has helped me a lot in the comfort department, especially when it comes to skimpier models. And while we´re talking about skimpy, here's another secret: thongs can be amazingly comfortable. You´ve got to give them a fair trial for a whole week. After that you´ll either love them or hate them. If you haven´t tried them for a week, you´re not allowed to criticize them.

    Do you consistently size up / down any of your garments? Do you like thongs?

Source: You Look Fab


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