Which bras for bouncy jiggly breasts ?

Reader Kate wrote in with this question:

"For some reason, my breasts jiggle and bounce a great deal when I walk.  I've checked in with friends and my boyfriend and we all agree--mine are bouncing around more than the average woman's.  It's not only uncomfortable, it's also hugely embarrassing, as it elicits lots of unwanted attention. I've taken to walking around with folders, clipboards, arms crossed, etc just to hide the issue.  My theory is that my breast tissue is not large enough to fill up the breast skin/sac, leaving a lot of room for bouncing around.  I've followed the advice on your blog and have gone from wearing a US 36B to a 32D, which definitely seems to fit better but still has not solved the bouncing problem, and so I was hoping you might have some other suggestions."

Dear women of the world with jiggly breasts.
  • First of all, get your correct bra size, like Kate did. A snugger band will help keep it all in place.
  • When you try on bras where the band seems stretchy, try going a band size lower than normal (don't forget to simultaneously go up a cup size !)
  • Also, tighten the straps a bit more, that should help a bit. 
  • Avoid anything with very elastic cups or straps
  • There are certain bra models which do a better job of keeping the breasts from bouncing. They have a more supportive cups, are highly built up under the armpits, and the material is non-stretchy:
Panache:  Tango II, Sienna, Harmony full Cup, Fiesta, Ophelia, Eliza
Freya: Polyanna,  Rio, Clarissa, Eleanor, Millie, Margo, Phoebe, Mitzy, Zeta (not produced, but can be found on Ebay), 
Fantasie: Rimini, Olivia, Shannon, Scarlett 
Masquerade: Polka
Pour moi: Provence Underwired
Fayreform: Decadent

These are by no means the only bandage-tight models out there, so take this list as a starting point, not you lifelong bra wardrobe verdict ! 

Check these out: