Which bras brands have wide underwires and which have narrow ?

bras and underwires

Cup depth isn´t everything. There is also cup width, which is determined by how broad or narrow the underwires are.

Here I talk about how to test your breasts to determine which underwire type you are: narrow, medium or wide.

If you find that you clearly need narrow or wide underwires, you will soon learn that certain brands suit you, and others should be avoided like pox. Of course, the width of the underwires might vary between different bra models of the same brand. But here is a general guide:

So which brands carry narrow underwires, and which broad ?

If you need wide underwires:
Go for Panache, Gossard, Kalyani, Curvy Kate (in bigger sizes, actually the underwires are not so much broad as stretchy).
The underwires in Panache are 2/3 of the band. Often, the underwire stretches along with the band.
Avoid anything meant for narrow types

Suit both "narrow" as well as "wide" types
La Senza, Rigby & Peller, Fauve, Fantasie, Miss mandalay, Discover Mademoiselle

Go for Freya, Masquerade (not all), Avocado, Curvy Kate (in smaller sizes)
Avoid anything meant for broad types.

If you have the chance, try on a bra from Panache and a bra from Freya. You will immediately know whether you prefer narrow or broad underwires !

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