Fitting Tips For Bigger Underbust Measurements

Big bra band ? You might have to calculate your bra size differently.

Adjusting the band size

     If you measure 36" or more, you might want to get a tighter band then the calculator says. Why ? 
  • The bigger the band is, the more it stretches ! If a band stretches to 30% of it´s length, then a band size 54(120) will stretch muuuch more than a band size 28(60). Actually, many bras stretch even more, especially when they are not brand new anymore (a bra extender helps with the first few days).
  • If there is fat on the ribcage, it is usually compressive. However, a bony or muscular ribcage cannot be compressed.

Which band size do you need ?

    To try out which band size you need, try on the bra backwards, with the cups on your back. That way your are testing only the band, and the size of the cups won´t interfere with your judgement. What we perceive as a too tight band is often in reality a too small cup or too narrow underwires.
     So, with the closure in the front, ask yourself: how does the band feel ? Remember that it will start to loosen up already after the first washing. Try to pull it away from your ribcage, it should not pull away more than a few centimeters.

Adjust the cup size:

Cup size is relative to band size. So if your drop a band size, you need to go up a cup size. If you drop two band sizes, you need to go up two cup sizes. Of course, this is just a general guideline. For best results try on various sizes. And read Does this bra fit ? How can I tell ?


    A certain lady with the measurements 99/120 feels best in a 38(85) G, though the calculator gives her the size 40(90)FF. She dropped a band size, so she went up a cup size (because cup size is relative to band size).
     Another lady with underbreast measurement of 100cm likes to wear band size 38(85), sometimes even 36(80).
      This shows that there is no hard and fast rule for how tight a band you should get. It all depends on how compressible you are, and what you feel comfortable in.

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