Looking for interesting photo sites...

Pencil Vs Camera - 23

I have relied on weheartit for quickly finding photos to illustrate my posts. However I have recently started feeling like gagging every time I go on there: isn´t there anything that isn´t cute, pink and 17 on there ? And don´t get me started on the bokeh, faded and over-exposed colours and hipster pouts. Ok, all this can be nice, but weheartit is an overdose.

   I´d like to find another source of interesting photography. A bit more edgy and real. I did try Flickr, but all the good photos there are "spaceballed", meaning I can´t use them on this blog. Also, the search engine isn´t very intuitive. And I don´t want to spend more time on finding an image than I do on writing the post.

   Any suggestions for me ? Where do you get your photos from ?

Check these out: